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The Three Wise Monkeys #100WCGU

The three wise monkeys they called themselves, So crafty, so cunning and full of stealth. Now that monkey three,  he’d said some stuff, And as for monkey two, he’d heard enough, Then little… Continue reading

Warum Ich Dich Liebe

Ich liebe dein Gesicht Deine lächelnden Augen Die Tiefe deines Herzens Deine bezaubende Seele Ich liebe dich für deinen Mut Für die Intensität deiner Gefühler Ich liebe, dass du solche Barmherzigkeit zeigst Und,… Continue reading

Reasons Why I Love You

I love your face Your smiling eyes Your bottomless heart Your beautiful soul I love you for your courage For the depths to which you care I love that you have compassion And that… Continue reading

Socksy #OddSocks

When I’m cold and feeling the chill They always make me feel brill They may not be pretty But they’re warm and snuggly They may not match But don’t say that they’re ugly… Continue reading

H is for… Haiku

feelings wait unchanged lives rush, oblivious how hearts stop, until now   sleek, black, handsome cat sits, waits, aloof yet alone until I come home   time, shifts, waits for none minutes rush,… Continue reading