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19.7.15 #SilentSunday

Dear So and So… the school trip edition

Dear Head Teacher, When my son is entrusted to your care on a week away, what I don’t want, what I really DON’T want is ‘school calling’ to appear on my mobile… I… Continue reading

T is for… Tossing A Coin #TheGallery

This week, more than any other in my life, I have heard the expressions “well at least you are trying”, “can’t say you didn’t try” and “you know you tried” and then being… Continue reading

My Son Had A Stammer

I haven’t seen the film yet, but all the hype about The Kings Speech has reminded me of the time when my son had a stammer. He must have been about 3 or… Continue reading

Happy Birthday DS1

Happy Birthday DS1 My boy is 11 – 22nd Dec, officially at 10.12pm – but he assures me it’s ok to have presents in the ┬ámorning! My boy is wonderful, I know we… Continue reading

2 is for… Two Moons Tonight?

Update: I did take a photo of the moon last night, and there WAS a planet to the right of it, not quite the ‘2 moons’ extravaganza but there was something there. But.… Continue reading

Eczema friendly washing liquid

A quick post, it’s a review but I want to stress that it’s a review because it’s a product that I wanted to try. One of my sons has quite severe eczema, this… Continue reading

To eleven plus or not to 11+?

What do you think about the 11+? My oldest son is quite a clever old sausage and always does very well at school. We had to move schools recently (1/4 of way through… Continue reading

K is for… Kids' Kitchen

Today my boys have taken over the kitchen! They have made their breakfast (cereal and brioche), made their lunch (grated cheese sandwiches) and for the finale they have made @DhruvBaker1‘s ‘Easy peasy chicken… Continue reading

M is for… MADs!

Blimey O’reily my name has popped up in the MADs list! I wonder if it was my rants about coffee and customer service? My frustration over my son’s battle with eczema? My honest… Continue reading