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The Coach House, St Neots

Feeling in need of a Sunday dinner but without the inclination to make one, we headed off to The Coach House in St Neots. It’s a lovely building and unbeknownst to us had… Continue reading

NHS Walk In Centre Didn’t Know How To Use Nebuliser

I sat in the waiting room of an NHS walk in centre this week and watched as a frightening series of events played out in front of me. It was the usual scenario;… Continue reading

Double Yellow Lines, Zig-Zag Lines, They Don’t Apply To Me

I have blurred out the number plate because I am nice… I watched this lady drive over the crossing and then reverse into this spot before getting out of her car and then… Continue reading

Well That’s One Way To Make A Cash Withdrawal

    Tesco St Neots: ¬†apparently at around 3am some people arrived in a digger and literally scooped out the cash machines before dumping them in a truck/van and making off with them;… Continue reading

Little Paxton Flood May 2012

I have just walked down to the weir at Little Paxton to see the flood for myself having had to take a major diversion to get to work this morning! Incredibly, some drivers… Continue reading