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Great Grandfather’s Dancing Dog

My grandfather was a man of great presence. He liked good manners, courtesy, politeness and was often intimidating. He spoke of his own father (a man I never met) with quiet respect. He… Continue reading

Phone Photo #TheGallery

Christmas night. The presents are all opened – and mentally sorted into ‘keep’ and ‘return’. The Christmas dinner is eaten and all the preparation and stress is forgotten until next year. The family… Continue reading

T is for… Tossing A Coin #TheGallery

This week, more than any other in my life, I have heard the expressions “well at least you are trying”, “can’t say you didn’t try” and “you know you tried” and then being… Continue reading

A Happy Memory #TheGallery

Not a memory of mine, these are (or were) my grandparents. I’m guessing it is sometime in the 1970’s. This is my favourite photo of them because they are quite obviously having fun… Continue reading

Flood! #TheGallery

My post for week 69 of The Gallery: water. My immediate thought when I saw the prompt was of the time when lower castle park in Colchester flooded. I lived just off the… Continue reading

The HF400 #paperplanes #thegallery #passiton

This is a Guest Post from my son aged 11. He likes making things. All sorts of things. He has been on my blog before with his Harpoon Pokemon. Today he is here… Continue reading

My Backyard #TheGallery

I was a bit thrown by The Gallery prompt of ‘My Backyard’ as my garden isn’t anything special and I know a lot of you guys have wonderfully planted, loved and tended to… Continue reading

April #TheGallery

April for me, is summed up by this: It is a month of absence and of missing. It displeases me.

Hair #TheGallery

Yes, that would be me, age 16. The guy with me, yes, that would be my form tutor….. See more bad hair days from The Gallery here

Trees #TheGallery