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First ever Facebook card shop is launched by Dogs Trust #charitytuesday

Regular readers will know that I’m more of a (mad) cat lady than a dog person, so this week for #CharityTuesday I’m handing the page over to Crage Hartzel from Charity Greetings to… Continue reading

Vanessa Riddle Appeal #CharityTuesday

My #CharityTuesday post today is an appeal from the parents of Vanessa Riddle. Young Vanessa needs an operation that is not available in the UK and which the NHS will not pay for.… Continue reading

Vote For Dean #CharityTuesday

Today my #CharityTuesday post is an appeal for votes not money. Please vote, it will only take a few seconds of your time. Dean Symmons, who is paralysed from the waist down needs… Continue reading

Red Balloon 13/12/2011 #CharityTuesday

Bullying someone is such a despicable thing to do and the effects of it can remain for many years after the bullying has stopped. It can often go ‘un-noticed’ either because people turn… Continue reading

Brainstrust #CharityTuesday

Today for #CharityTuesday I’d like to introduce you to family-run brainstrust – a small charity with a big impact! brainstrust is dedicated to improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and to providing coordinated… Continue reading

Light Up A Life #CharityTuesday

Today’s #CharityTuesday post is on behalf of St Helena Hospice in Colchester. Like all hospices they do amazing work and if you aren’t local to Colchester I would urge you to look up… Continue reading

Treasure Boxes #CharityTuesday

Today’s #CharityTuesday is a heart warming tale about a little girl who likes to raise money to help others. As she’s so young it would be wonderful if everyone who reads this leaves… Continue reading

Blurt It Out #CharityTuesday

Today’s #CharityTuesday post comes with a deeply personal back story. I hope that this post reaches someone who needs it. Before I hand you over to Jayne from Blurt, I’d like to tell… Continue reading

Dixon Hall #CharityTuesday

I couldn’t help reading this and thinking that every town would benefit from a Dixon Hall! For #CharityTuesday today, let me hand you over to an amazing service which runs in Toronto: Dixon… Continue reading

Text change to make a change #CharityTuesday

Today’s guest post for #charitytuesday is on behalf of the Thai Children’s Trust. Let me hand you over to Ruth who will explain more: Working for Thai Children’s Trust, I am privileged to… Continue reading