Text change to make a change #CharityTuesday

Today’s guest post for #charitytuesday is on behalf of the Thai Children’s Trust. Let me hand you over to Ruth who will explain more:

Working for Thai Children’s Trust, I am privileged to meet many of the children we help as the largest UK charity focusing solely on Thailand. Set up as a small project based in the resort town of Pattaya over 30 years ago, the Trust has grown immensely and now helps some 4,000 children all across the country. We provide much needed shelter, food, education and the chance of a brighter future to children at risk, children with HIV/Aids, children with disabilities and refugee and migrant children.

One of the children we are helping is Zin Ko, a six year old Burmese migrant suffering from leukaemia.

We are urgently raising funds through text giving and online to help provide treatment to keep him alive.  Zin Ko has taken a turn for the worse in the last week; he has been running a high fever for a few days that isn’t coming down. Rushed back to hospital, doctors informed his family that he would have to stay in their care for a month. He has had a relapse.

When they came looking for help for their poorly son earlier this year, Zin Ko’s mum and dad were devastated to learn the diagnosis, like any parent would be. Their son has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). Vital treatment would cost £6,000 from a specialist at Chiang Mai hospital, some six hours away by van.

The little boy’s dad is a street vendor in the border town of Mae Sot. His mum, who has not left his side, was worried as they could not afford  the treatment to save  their son. Fortunately for the family, help was at hand from the Burma Children Medical Fund, a local organisation providing medical help to Burmese migrants, one of the projects that Thai Children’s Trust supports with the help of our donors here in the UK.

Burma Children Medical fund organised Zin Ko’s visits to hospital, translated between Thai and Burmese for the family, and even provided a small stipend and place to stay up in Chiang Mai. Until this week, all seemed to be going well and the little lad was getting regular monthly chemotherapy.

Now, given his recent relapse and severe condition, he will need more treatment. Yet despite this, I am happy to see Zin Ko so upbeat and cheerful. As a former teacher, I know how resilient children can be.

That is why, more than ever, we want to show our support for this poor family, who would otherwise be unable to pay for medical treatment. Because of their status, Burmese migrants are not given additional help by the authorities.

If you can donate towards the cost of treatment for Zin Ko, please text ‘ZINK50 £10’ to 70070 to give £10 or an amount of your choice. It’s small change to us that can make a big change to relieve someone else’s suffering half way around the world.

Alternatively you can donate online at www.justgiving.com/R-Flanagan

All money raised will go towards giving Zin Ko a fighting chance – a chance that we in the UK might take for granted.

What’s more, every single donation towards his life-saving treatment will be doubled, thanks to our supporters at Leyland SDM.

As the largest UK charity focusing on Thailand, we support projects like the Burma Children Medical fund, which care for all children regardless of where they are from. We help thousands of Burmese refugees and migrants through health, nutrition and education projects in Mae Sot. To find out more about Thai Children’s Trust and our work, please visit www.thaichildrenstrust.org.uk

Thank you for reading about Zin Ko. I hope you might be able to give him a helping hand. Thanks as well to @Coffeecurls for having me as a guest blogger.