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30.9.2012 #SilentSunday

Why Say You Sell ‘Back To School’ Shoes, When You Only Sell Adult Shoes, Mr Shoes?

We had a long and frustrating trip around Cambridge searching for boys school shoes, casual shoes and PE trainers. We were seeking size 4 and size 6. I had expected the size 6… Continue reading

The Silence by Alison Bruce #BookReview

THE SILENCE by Alison Bruce I have so looked forward to this book! I even queued for it during the launch at Heffer’s in Cambridge where I finally got to meet the lovely… Continue reading

24.6.2012 #SilentSunday

M&S Breaching Sale of Goods Act?

I had the most ridiculous conversation with a cashier in M&S Cambridge today. In a nutshell, we bought some things and one of them was in the sale. At the till the cashier… Continue reading

26.2.2012 #SilentSunday