Why Say You Sell ‘Back To School’ Shoes, When You Only Sell Adult Shoes, Mr Shoes?


We had a long and frustrating trip around Cambridge searching for boys school shoes, casual shoes and PE trainers.

We were seeking size 4 and size 6. I had expected the size 6 ones to pose a problem as, although they were for my 11 year old, it is right on the brink of being an adult size. As it turns out though I was wrong; we quickly found what we needed in a 6.

The size 4, I guess being a more popular size, proved harder to find.

After we’d exhausted the Grafton centre we made our way towards the main town. On route we passed Mr Shoes who had a poster in their window advertising Back To School shoes, so we went inside.

We looked around but couldn’t see any childrens’ shoes at all, let alone school ones. Thinking that we were being dim, we apologetically asked a rather bored assistant where they were.

“We don’t sell kids shoes.” She said.

“You’ve got a poster in your window saying that you do?” We said. She repeated again that they don’t.

“Sorry to be such an obvious pain,” I said “but why would you have a sign in your window saying you sell them when you don’t?”

She sighed, annoyance and boredom only too evident. “Head Office say we have to.” She made to move away.

“But it isn’t true and you know it isn’t true.” I said. “You’ve wasted my time, my families time and your time; it’s ridiculous, why don’t you take it down?”

“Head Office say we can’t.”

So, Mr Shoes Head Office, what do you have to say about this?