The Great School Trip Debate – Who Pays?

As I searched for £17 this morning to cover the cost of a school trip, a memory popped into my head of a conversation I’d had with another parent about paying for school trips.

Essentially, this person, who was the secretary of the PTA, said that they NEVER paid for school trips and that payment was actually voluntary… According to them all school trips go ahead irrespective of payments received from parents.

A brief chat with @ChrisandHarvey this morning revealed that they’d been told the same thing.

As I sit here looking at the cost of trips this term for one of my children:


That’s £272 worth of trips for one of my children for June, July & November – there will of course be other trips and I have 2 children.

I am also a single mum. Not that that is the issue here – although as an aside I do find it odd that some people on benefits qualify for free school meals, music lessons etc but there isn’t a similar dispensation for school trips.

My question is – do you pay for school trips? Do you know someone who doesn’t – and if so do your/their children still get to go?