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Why Say You Sell ‘Back To School’ Shoes, When You Only Sell Adult Shoes, Mr Shoes?

We had a long and frustrating trip around Cambridge searching for boys school shoes, casual shoes and PE trainers. We were seeking size 4 and size 6. I had expected the size 6… Continue reading

Poor Christmas Tree

A letter to my local garden centre, sent today: I bought a rooted christmas tree from your Brampton centre in December, which I planted in ericaceous soil as recommended, sadly however it very… Continue reading

Mystery Pouches NO! #TESCO

Dear Tesco, I have received a new box of cat food today. It is allegedly a box of ‘premium’ pouches. Sadly however the premium doesn’t stretch so far as printing. It contains 24… Continue reading

ODEON #goodcustomerservice

Recently I was a little ticked off with the Odeon, here is why. However, I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the response – from the Odeon – to… Continue reading

T is for… Taste London – customer service deficit

For anyone who has a taste london card, please be aware of their auto renewal clause. I signed up for a taste london card after receiving a 50% off special offer email. I… Continue reading