Mystery Pouches NO! #TESCO

Dear Tesco,

I have received a new box of cat food today.

It is allegedly a box of ‘premium’ pouches. Sadly however the premium doesn’t stretch so far as printing.

It contains 24 pouches. 18 of them are mystery pouches. My cats do not like mystery pouches. They like to be told in a singy-songy voice what flavour food they are about to receive. Mystery pouches spoil this for them.

I wrote to Terry Leahy earlier in the year and received a reply advising me that the occurrence of mystery pouches was, well, a mystery. Apparently it was an anomalous one off.

Sadly however we have been receiving mystery pouches for at least a year.

We don’t want to receive them any more.

Please can you possibly go to the trouble of actually printing ALL of your pouches?

Otherwise Elvis feels the need to resort to this:

He says he can see easily what flavour they are, and he likes that.

So, Tesco, please can you provide pouches that are ALL printed. If I wanted mystery pouches I would acquire them from a car boot sale. Instead I chose to buy them from a respected store in the misapprehension that I will receive a superior product by way of reward for my troubles.

If, as it would seem, you have opted for a cheap printing/packaging service to cut your costs, it would be great if you could make this part of your value range and price it accordingly.


Lisa, Elvis and Maisy