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9/11 Where Were You?

As another anniversary of that awful day rolls around, I can’t help thinking back to the moment when I first heard about the attacks on the Twin Towers. My in-laws were visiting from… Continue reading

Classic American Family Getaways

This is a guest post with all words and images supplied by¬†Alexandra Jacobs. The United States boasts many cities that offer excitement, fun and a lifetime of memories for families. In fact, there… Continue reading

666 Park Avenue #BookReview

666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce 666 Park Avenue showed a lot of promise: New York; Witches; Magic; Intrigue; Romance and ‘an evil, cold-blooded witch’ for a mother-in-law! This is exactly the sort… Continue reading

Silent Mercy #BookReview

Silent Mercy by Linda Fairstein If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know that I don’t usually reveal anything about the story, I prefer to tell you my opinion of it and leave… Continue reading

The Great Black Squirrel Hunt

Welcome to Squirrel-Watch! When I was a child the parks where I lived were full of red squirrels, with the occasional grey. Now, sadly I can’t remember the last time I saw a… Continue reading

MasterChef New York

Watching Masterchef in New York tonight brought back a memory for me as the lovely and mighty skilled Tim jumped into a taxi. In the back of a New York yellow cab you… Continue reading

Trees #TheGallery

Matthew Daniels

Do you have a favourite modern day artist? Mine is without doubt Matthew Daniels – particularly his New York work. Here are some of my favourites: I love the muted colours on these… Continue reading

A City That Sparkles #thegallery

For the gallery prompt this week, I am going to share with you a city that sparkles. NYC is amazing, there is nowhere else on earth that sounds and smells like New York… Continue reading