666 Park Avenue #BookReview

666 Park Avenue

by Gabriella Pierce

666 Park Avenue showed a lot of promise: New York; Witches; Magic; Intrigue; Romance and ‘an evil, cold-blooded witch’ for a mother-in-law!

This is exactly the sort of book I would have loved as a teenager! However, as an adult, even though I know that my 12 year old niece would love the book but I personally thought the sex scenes were a little too descriptive for me to be able to pass it on to her. So maybe one for older teens upwards? I actually felt the book didn’t need those scenes to be in as much detail – the vague suggestion of passion along with the knowledge of being unignorably drawn to someone would, in my opinion, have sufficed.

Anyway, aside from the one little niggle, I found the book to be really entertaining. A light hearted but engaging read. I love books with a smidge of the paranormal in them and it’s been ages since I read a book about witches so I really enjoyed it.

I loved the New York references and the way the different personalities played off each other.

I thought the evil mother-in-law was brilliant!

Overall a light and easy read that I would recommend but be careful about giving it to early teens as it’s probably a bit too raunchy in places.