Shark Teeth

In my usual quest for something FREE to do with the kids, this weekend I decided we would head over to Walton on the naze.

The boys asked me the usual “Are we doing anything today?”

Me: “Yes, we are going to fail to find something”

Smartarse son: “Cool, we’re going to Walton.”

Me: “So, what are we going to fail to find then?”

Smartarse son: “Shark teeth.”

Me: “So, how many will we fail to find?”

Smartarse son: “All of them I should think.”

Me, under breath: “Smartarse.”

Walton beach is great, it’s got a real mix of sand, clay and shingle – kind of appeals to all. It also has pill boxes actually on the beach itself which I think is really cool.

There are literally lumps of clay all over the beach, makes me want to be an art teacher just so I can bag it up and lug it to class. Probably the wrong type of clay but that’s kind of irrelevant I guess.

Apparently you have to look in a certain place to find the shark teeth – rumour has it you have to look in ‘The foreshore, within the shingle and pyrites’. I think that means in this stuff below?

No one, I repeat, no one walks along the beach with their head up. Absolutely everyone, of all ages, either walks with their head casually down or goes for a full on hunker down and grope about in the sand and debris – they are ALL looking for shark teeth!

According to my boys, you have to watch out for the quick sand though so be careful…