The Colour Red #thegallery

Yet again I seem to be slightly abusing (cheating) the blog prompt – Sorry AGAIN Tara – but a conversation I had with someone today seemed to me to be worthy of a mention.

Unlike this person, I’m not usually allowed to give blood. There are a list of exclusions. The first time I tried, believe it or not, I was refused for not weighing enough. Anyone who knows me now will find that reasonably astounding I am sure, but it’s true! Now
they aren’t too keen because of my thyroid condition, although once it is stable again they might let me apparently.

However, the person I spoke to today was on their way to give blood and they casually mentioned that had done it over 30 times. Which I think is pretty cool. Wonder if there is some kind of award for that, maybe one of those ‘I gave blood bug things’ you know the ones
little fuzzy round things that stick on. Anyway. I think giving blood is a pretty amazing and selfless thing to do, giving blood more than 30 times – got to be heroic surely?

So, this is a prompt, for each and every one of you who is eligible to click here find your nearest donation site and register to give blood TODAY.

Go on, it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, honest.

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