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Brainstrust #CharityTuesday

Today for #CharityTuesday I’d like to introduce you to family-run brainstrust – a small charity with a big impact! brainstrust is dedicated to improving clinical care for brain tumour sufferers and to providing coordinated… Continue reading

Light Up A Life #CharityTuesday

Today’s #CharityTuesday post is on behalf of St Helena Hospice in Colchester. Like all hospices they do amazing work and if you aren’t local to Colchester I would urge you to look up… Continue reading

Treasure Boxes #CharityTuesday

Today’s #CharityTuesday is a heart warming tale about a little girl who likes to raise money to help others. As she’s so young it would be wonderful if everyone who reads this leaves… Continue reading

Blurt It Out #CharityTuesday

Today’s #CharityTuesday post comes with a deeply personal back story. I hope that this post reaches someone who needs it. Before I hand you over to Jayne from Blurt, I’d like to tell… Continue reading

Dixon Hall #CharityTuesday

I couldn’t help reading this and thinking that every town would benefit from a Dixon Hall! For #CharityTuesday today, let me hand you over to an amazing service which runs in Toronto: Dixon… Continue reading

Text change to make a change #CharityTuesday

Today’s guest post for #charitytuesday is on behalf of the Thai Children’s Trust. Let me hand you over to Ruth who will explain more: Working for Thai Children’s Trust, I am privileged to… Continue reading

Can You Give An Hour? #CharityTuesday

I’ve noticed a charity initiative currently being promoted by Heart FM – which is basically suggesting that as we all gain an hour, when the clocks go back on the 31st October, if… Continue reading

Big Blue Cuddle #CharityTuesday

This week for #CharityTuesday let me introduce you to Big Blue Cuddle. Name sound familiar? You’ve probably seen tweets in your timeline for #bigbluecuddlehour where people can mention their favourite children’s charity from 6… Continue reading

Pillowcase Dresses #CharityTuesday

My post for #CharityTuesday this week really sums up how the simplest of ideas can have a wonderful and inexpensive affect.  I’ll now hand you over to Louise who can tell you all… Continue reading

Alexander’s Charity Ball 2012 #charitytuesday

I am really quite humbled and proud to run this incredibly moving #charitytuesday guest post. Please read and then RT and spread the word that amazing items are needed for the auction at the… Continue reading