V is for… Vegetarian

My 9 year old announced yesterday that he is now a vegetarian. Prior to yesterday he was probably the biggest carnivore on the planet. His reasons for becoming a vegetarian are: • the… Continue reading

Back to school – #TheGallery

New beginnings, fresh slate, clean start blah…blah…blah. The start of the new term currently fills me with DREAD for one reason and one reason only. It’s not because the 11+ is looming and… Continue reading

PLEASE press for change – #blogladesh

Please click on the image above and add your name to the petition. For more details, please visit the blogs of the ladies who have been to Bangladesh and who can explain the… Continue reading

K is for… Knicker Club

Something that @MrsTeepot tweeted earlier today “Now drowning in thongs!” made an old memory jump into my mind. A few years ago I was sent a letter inviting me to join a ‘knicker… Continue reading

Mersea Island – the forgotten beach?

Bank Holiday Monday in the UK and 4 boys to entertain….. We took a quick peak at the tide times and drove to Mersea Island. You have to check the tide before setting… Continue reading

Endless Love #TheGallery #Blogladesh

Took the boys to Mersea beach on Sunday 29th August – camera in my bag ready to take a nice family snap for my entry into #TheGallery this week. I did take some… Continue reading

2 is for… Two Moons Tonight?

Update: I did take a photo of the moon last night, and there WAS a planet to the right of it, not quite the ‘2 moons’ extravaganza but there was something there. But.… Continue reading

Making The Best Of It

The plan was that my boys went to stay with their dad for a week (commencing Sat 21 Aug) and that me and my OH would go to Brighton for 2 days leaving… Continue reading

D is for… Disgusting

#Writing Workshop. Prompt 3: Pay attention to a stranger you meet this week or observe, and write about them. I should point out that I went to town today without having read the… Continue reading

Eczema friendly washing liquid

A quick post, it’s a review but I want to stress that it’s a review because it’s a product that I wanted to try. One of my sons has quite severe eczema, this… Continue reading