She's Perfect

This post is dedicated to a special lady because right now I know that she is hurting. I chose prompt 5 ‘imperfection’ from Josie’s writing workshop. I may have turned it on it’s… Continue reading


Now my boys are a little older their viewing tastes aren’t interesting me so much. I have to confess I quite liked Charlie & Lola Was known to watch Big Cook Little Cook… Continue reading

P is for… Pink Ones

Didn’t feel I could actually call this post Fantasy Children but that is essentially what it is! Bear with me. Put down the phone – don’t call childline just yet! I recently totally… Continue reading

F is for… Fantasy Husband/Wife

The lovely Liz Jarvis from @LivingWithKids recently asked who our fantasy husband would be. Liz went for: 1. John Cusack 2. Jason Bateman 3. Colin Farrell I felt 3 to be an insufficiency… Continue reading

Cakes I've made

The sharp eyed (or really bored) among you will have seen the smiley face from the ghosts before….. Corny had a very similar expression! The only problem with my cakes is that although… Continue reading

S is for… Sleepover Anxiety

For me that is, the kids aren’t phased at all… My 10 year old went for his second sleep over Saturday night. I hate it, I feel so unsettled and have that permanent… Continue reading

Half Moon – why does the shadow look straight?

When my 10 year old was about 5 he asked me “when it’s half moon, why does the shadow look straight?” I asked a friend at the time who told me to tell… Continue reading

The Great Brownie Bake Off! #GBBOchoc

*PLEASE NOTE – THE TIME OF THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO 12noon-6pm* What are you doing on October the 9th? Do you have a brownie recipe that friends and family drool over… Continue reading

B is for… Business Ideas That Float Through My Mind

People often say to me that I am ‘full of ideas’, sometimes they even mean it in a nice way 😉 So I thought I would share some of my creative suggestions with… Continue reading

Can I Dig Up My Potatoes? #WordlessWednesday

Can I dig these up yet? Now that DS2 is a veggie I need reinforcements…. I’m referring to the potato plants if you can distinguish them in that sea of green – they’ve… Continue reading