B is for… Business Ideas That Float Through My Mind

People often say to me that I am ‘full of ideas’, sometimes they even mean it in a nice way 😉

So I thought I would share some of my creative suggestions with you – maybe someone with more cash and more inclination than me could make one of them work?! If so do let me know and obviously send me a huge cheque by way of thanks for the original idea….

One of my earlier ideas was sanitary towels that were different shapes to fit different knicker styles, but the market seems to have sussed that one out by itself now.

One that has been floating in my head for ages is that hair colours should also come in tester pots. So that rather than having to buy a whole pack to do a strand test, you could buy 3 or 4 tester pots so that you know you’ll be happy with the colour when you eventually do it. I would price these at 99p each Procter & Gamble #justsaying

There should be a sanitary pack for teenage girls, bit like the Bounty pack, which includes a range of sanitary items and advice. This could be a government initiative funded by advertising or a ‘for sale’ pack available from Boots, Tescos etc. It would take the embarrassment out of discussing it for families who don’t feel able to approach it directly (single dads possibly) and would provide the girl with choices and information that they may not otherwise get.

Similarly at age 16 there could be a contraception pack with samples and advice enclosed.

Why isn’t there a diet cafe? This would be easily franchise-able I would have thought. My idea is for a comfy, high street cafe which caters for those of us who are on a diet but would still like to meet our friends for lunch/dinner and be able to eat nice food. It would be so nice not to have to look through a menu and try and guess which of the meals would be least deadly to a diet. Meals could be arranged: Under 250 calories, Under 500 calories, Under 700 calories etc etc with WW points noted too.

Calorie currency. Either Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley or Slimming World – come on one of you! This would be a range of tokens that have calorific values – so you simply start the day with the total number of calorie coins that you are allowed and then spend them as you go. Obviously with the aim being that you can easily see that if you eat the thing that costs half your currency for breakfast then you are in trouble!

An ageless play centre that caters for a wider age range. Once your children have grown out of soft play you have think about different places to take them – or if you have a big age gap it can cause problems if you have a toddler who loves soft play and a 10 year old who thinks it is lame! My idea is for a play centre that has a vast soft play, climbing area but also has a gaming area with gaming chairs and x-boxs, playstations etc. Plus a skate park area with expert skaters (ie local teenagers) employed to give tips on safety and tricks. Plus a wonderfully comfy seating area for mums and dads, with sinky sofas and possibly a Caffe Nero 😉 with an exclusive deal to supply @thecakenest‘s gorgeous cakes. Plus a darkened cave like area with bean bags where a film would be projected onto the walls. Plus table tennis tables. Plus free wi-fi. Plus a bank of iMacs. Etc Etc. And naturally it would be air-conditioned in the summer and properly heated in the winter.

I have other ideas too, but there’s no need to give them ALL away now is there 🙂

Do you have a head full of ideas like me? Can you share any of them – I’d love to hear.