M is for… Marmite

Love it or hate it – my marmite is bigger than yours! 🙂 I can’t stand the stuff personally but I do add it to my lasagne and my chilli con carne as… Continue reading

Photos #thegallery

I know the prompt was for one favourite photo but I can’t pick one. Sorry. I know it’s the whole point of it and I’m spoiling it for everyone and I’m sorry…. You… Continue reading

Gestational Diabetes

This is a post for @diabetesuk I was 26 when I fell pregnant with my first son, although I had unfortunately had a miscarriage a few months before. I have suffered with an… Continue reading

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

We have an open fire in the lounge which is lovely but does use a lot of wood. Today’s mission for the children was to collect kindling and sticks from the nearby woods.… Continue reading


Being ridiculously easy to please, I am over the moon with my potatoes   However, the tomatoes have behaved very badly and they will therefore have to be punished   Best success was… Continue reading

RED #WordlessWednesday

OH. MY. GOD. Not one, but two of my tomatoes have gone RED *dies with excitement*

I need a tumble drier! #appliancesonline

I actually already have a tumble drier, it’s a condenser one that I’ve had for a few years and I’ve been thinking about swopping it for a vented one as it’s now out… Continue reading

Who Says Women Can't Park?

I am here to dispell all myths about women drivers and their inability to drive properly or indeed to park… I’ll have you know that I passed my test first time, when I… Continue reading

L is for… Love

Just saw a trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife – I haven’t seen the film – the tag line they used was so sweet that I had to share it: You can let… Continue reading

Better Do Better Than That

Am in a *listening to lyrics* mood at the moment if you haven’t already have guessed. Which has reminded me of the soundtrack to A is for… And Then He Left Me this… Continue reading