Maisy's Living In A Box

She sleeps in some odd places this one!

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

Just seen this and had to share it – so people will know how to wrap my presents this year!  

Moving House

After approximately 34 years, my mum is moving house. She is moving from a large 3 bed semi to an average sized 2 bed bungalow. I went round to the house yesterday to… Continue reading

My Current Favourite Song

I heard this the other day, love it. Whoever the girl is that he wrote this about is very lucky. Ahhhhh. Great video too, like the tape drawings. Also like this one, it… Continue reading

B is for… Beauty

I see beauty everywhere, especially at the moment. I see it in leaves, in puddles, in clouds and starry nights. The crescent moon last night made me literally stop my car and try… Continue reading

Free @MrsLJHall from twitter jail! Please RT x

Day 4 Since I noticed on Friday that I have been put in twitter jail, my life has been cold and lonely. I glanced at facebook – I’m sorry, I know it was… Continue reading

M is for… MUG

Yesterday DH broke my most favouritest mug. Needless to say this is both a sad and bad occurrence. However he did redeem the situation by giving me an early christmas present this morning…… Continue reading

Books That Made Me Cry #Meme #theboxoftissuesaward

I bring you “The Box of Tissues Award”.  Has anyone done this already? I’m sure I’ll have it pointed out to me very soon that they have. In the meantime I’ll plead ignorance and… Continue reading

What's Up With Twitter?!

*breathes into brown paper bag* What is up with twitter *twitches* why won’t it let me in? Is it punishing me? Please don’t make me go on facebook, please twitter, I’ll be good.… Continue reading