Moving House

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After approximately 34 years, my mum is moving house. She is moving from a large 3 bed semi to an average sized 2 bed bungalow. I went round to the house yesterday to help her pack and was surprised to find massive amounts unpacked – as per slideshow above. When I walked in and started taking photo’s she asked me what I was doing. “No one will believe me.” I said, and carried on taking pics. Excuse quality as didn’t have the foresight to take a camera so they are all off my phone.

Believe me there were many other rooms full of stuff but my camera battery died!

I have the pleasure of being the person collecting keys and receiving the removal men at the new house today. My poor brother and sis in law are the ones who are at the old house – this morning still cramming things into boxes! I did text my brother last night and advise him ‘don’t look in the shed’….

So is this normal – are you a type of person or would you have had this all packed weeks ago? I think I’m somewhere in the middle if I’m honest.