Guess the song!

As part of ¬†Josie’s Writing Workshop¬†this week (in which the prompt was to write something based upon either a song or lyrics) I have twisted it slightly into a ‘guess the song’ quiz.… Continue reading

H is for… Hormonal Madness

This is inspired by @cosmicgirlie’s post the other day querying whether coming off of Cerazette saved her life, in which she mentions the hormonal roller coaster that she experienced while taking it. And… Continue reading

R is for… Retirement

My Dad asked me recently where he should look to find out what he is entitled to when he retires, so I figured that as I am doing the research for him I… Continue reading

Light My Fire

G is for… Guest Post from

The first ever guest post on my blog is by my lovely friend Bob. If you don’t already know him, then the only thing I need to add to his post is that… Continue reading

ODEON #HOreply

Today I was awoken by the postman at 7am…. Feel a bit sorry for him really as it’s not a pretty site! He handed me a tube. Intriguing. Inside the tube was a… Continue reading

Socksy #OddSocks

When I’m cold and feeling the chill They always make me feel brill They may not be pretty But they’re warm and snuggly They may not match But don’t say that they’re ugly… Continue reading

Bliss #SilentSunday


Magical #WinterWonderland

Thursday night we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. To say it was magical is one big fat understatement! It was an… Continue reading

Before And After #TheGallery

My grandparents. For the ‘Before & After’ prompt from The Gallery.