H is for… Hormonal Madness

This is inspired by @cosmicgirlie’s post the other day querying whether coming off of Cerazette saved her life, in which she mentions the hormonal roller coaster that she experienced while taking it. And upon which my comment about contraception made her say:


Er… @MrsLJHall your comment has me clutching my face in an open mouthed terrified scream. Much like “Scream”

I won’t repeat my somewhat insane comment on my own blog, that would be folly…

Instead I’ll tell you an even more unbelievable tale which demonstrates for me the height of ‘hormonal madness’, by which I mean those actions that when looked at in an unhormonal state look utterly insane.

The birth of my first son was, to say the least, traumatic. Without wishing to force TMI upon you, nothing went as it should. I went in at 7am on a Monday and he was finally born very late on the Wednesday. There was a lot of blood loss and I lost consciousness. That is the abridged version.

So. When I was pregnant with my second son, I sought early assurances from the consultants, doctors, midwives and cleaning staff that I would be able to have a c-section and not have to go through the birth process again – especially as the zillions of midwives first time around had told me it seemed that my body ‘just couldn’t do labour’.

In the early stages most people vaguely murmured that it would be ok, however as the due date grew closer my consultant grew ever less assuring of this fact. I got in a bit of a state about it as I just couldn’t face going through it again. I know that some woman get a little irrational while pregnant and I guess I may be holding my hands up to that one. At about 7 months gone I plucked up the courage to ask ‘will I definitely have a c-section?’ – he barely looked at me and said ‘we’ll see, but I don’t see why you shouldn’t try first’.

I cried and cried. I was terrified. At about 8 months gone I had another check up with ‘the man’. He was known to be not overly comforting and wasn’t the easiest man to talk to – a bedside manner had never been introduced to him.

Before I let him examine me, I asked him again about the c-section. He gave me the same answer and picked up his stethoscope. I didn’t move to let him examine me, instead I looked him (tearfully) straight in the eye and said “I don’t think you understand, either you book me in for a c-section or I am leaving here now and walking under a bus.”

He reached into his drawer, took out the book, and said “Is Tuesday the 10th ok?”

So, make me feel less nuts, have you done anything mental under the influence of hormones?