I need a tumble drier! #appliancesonline

I actually already have a tumble drier, it’s a condenser one that I’ve had for a few years and I’ve been thinking about swopping it for a vented one as it’s now out in the garage so I no longer specifically need a condenser one.

As such, I was more than happy to review a website for Appliances Online. Especially as I personally don’t enjoy the whole trip to the electrical superstore experience. I always end up not having a clue what I’ve looked at, what features it needed and whether or not the salesman was promoting one model because it was good or because they couldn’t shift it for love nor money.

On first impressions I found the site easy to read, with a lot of obvious links and images on the front page. It also flashed up that free delivery is currently available and that they can recycle your old appliance for £9.99 – and they price match.

I’m told that Appliances Online was started in 2000 when someone bet the founders that they wouldn’t be able to sell washing machines on the internet. Today Appliances Online and the DRL group is still owned by the same people and is the UK’s largest online white goods retailer.

It took me literally 2 clicks to find exactly what I wanted. Then out of idle curiosity I opened a new browser to compare the price of the tumble drier on the website of one of the electrical superstores. Although the tumble drier was the same price, I did find that because the superstore sells many other items (laptops, pcs, software, ipods, tvs etc) that it was harder to navigate.

The Appliances Online also offer a ‘no fuss, 10 day returns guarantee’ which I think is pretty great and completely takes the risk out of the purchase. All items are rated and reviewed and customer testimonials are available.

Nice website, I like it and I’m glad I know about it.