S is for… Sleepover Anxiety

For me that is, the kids aren’t phased at all…

My 10 year old went for his second sleep over Saturday night. I hate it, I feel so unsettled and have that permanent feeling that I’ve forgotten something, tinged with an underlying general anxiety.

My 9 year old hates it even more, he becomes very clingy (they share a room – they don’t need to but the 9 year old wanst to) so I have his anxiety to deal with on top of my own.

Liz Jarvis wrote a post not so long ago asking if people were ‘cotton wool parents‘ – hands up that’s me that is!

What surprises me about this is that I hadn’t even realised it (or acknowledged it?) until recently, I thought I was pretty laid back and that I was leading my children towards independence gracefully. They make their own breakfast, they put themselves to bed (although I go up and say goodnight and spend about 5 mins in their room), they tidy their own room (after mucho nagging) and we have ‘proper’ conversations about real things.

I guess the reason for my over protectiveness stems from being completely responsible for them when their dad left. I didn’t realise at the time quite how much going from joint to sole parenting had affected me.

I don’t leave them with babysitters (expect for very close family).

The 10 year old has a week away with the school coming up very soon, I’m not looking forward to it.

I used to think that empty nest syndrome was just an excuse for people with boring lives, now I can hear the clock ticking and I spend time trying to work out how to get a deadbolt fitted to the nest door!