Which Diet Plan And Why?

Unlike most people, I am the opposite of a ‘comfort eater’.

If I am emotionally upset I find it impossible to eat. I literally can’t swallow the food.

However, when I am all happy and content I have no trouble…

Right now I need to go on a diet, let’s just say I am currently VERY happy if you see what I mean!

I don’t know which diet is best to try to follow though. I’ve successfully followed the Rosemary Conley diet before, I lost 3 stone on that a few years ago however a fair chunk of that seems to have crept its way back on.

Although there are set diet plans, I never stick to them as the Rosemary Conley diet has quite a simple concept, you basically eat a set number of calories each day based on your current weight, ie;


If you currently weigh:     20 stone

Then you eat:                      2000 calories a day


If you currently weigh:    17 stone

Then you eat:                      1700 calories a day


If you currently weigh:     14 stone

Then you eat:                      1400 calories a day


You get the idea! But you can’t eat anything which contains more that 5% fat per 100gm. This combination makes it quite easy for me to follow as either have enough calories left or you don’t and if something is over 5% fat you simply don’t eat it – simples! I think you are then allowed 100 calories a day with which you can eat anything you like no matter what the fat content, or you can use it for alcohol.

So at the moment my plan is to try to do this ‘easy’ version of the Rosemary plan without joining a club, I’ll just set myself a calorie limit and avoid things containing more than 5% fat. It should work.

However, I do get bored quite easily and I’m wondering if one of the other plans would be better.

I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who has had great success on a diet. It would be good to know which plan it was, how it worked, what you liked best about it. How successful it was etc.