Warning: Upsetting News. You Must Read If You Live In March, Cambs.



Message from Cat Welfare, Wisbech:

I NEED ALL OF YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE I need you all to pass this message on to everyone you know that has cats in the March Area. I have just had a very disturbing and distressing phone call from the Lady that runs Pet Search. PEOPLE ARE TORTURING CATS!! Cats are going missing, one has been found and the injuries to this cat are absolutely horrific and is now in the hands of the Police. Although it is hard to tell you what happened to it, I think you should be aware of its injuries and tell everyone to keep their cats under close observation until the culprits have been found. The cat was found with its head cut off, by a razor blade, along with all of its other bodily parts. Its whole body had been sliced with a blade and cigarette marks were also present on its body. I shudder to think what this cat must have gone through! It has made me go cold and in total shock that this is going on, what low-life in our society thinks this acceptable I do not know. I am so sorry to have to impart this awful news but you need to know.