K is for… Kiss Me! #underthemistletoe

This post was prompted by my boss who said today that she’d never been kissed under the mistletoe. To which I replied that I had – and she walked away muttering “I’m not surprised.” A compliment I’m sure….

Which led me to wonder, do you know how mistletoe grows?

It grows in round balls in trees, you may have mistaken it for a birds nest before.

According to the RSPB, mistletoe is under threat:

Mistletoe thrives in orchards, but the number of traditional orchards across the UK has been falling. Some conservationists are warning that we could lose mistletoe for good.

It is only the female plants that grow berries, so these are the only plants that are harvested. This means male plants are left to grow, and the balance has now been tipped dramatically. Trees now have mainly male plants growing on them – bad news for trees and mistletoe.

Do your bit for mistletoe

Mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs has put together a quick survey about mistletoe in the UK. Even if you only have plastic mistletoe, he would like to hear from you. Your results will be used to help plan mistletoe conservation work.

Grow your own

If the birds aren’t doing their thing in your garden, the Mistletoe Pages have tips on how to grow your own mistletoe.