Christmas 2010 Festive #FollowFriday #FF

Many moons ago, when I wrote a post called Twitter Is My Mistress. It was a nod to all that is good and great about twitter and the blogeverse in general. However I didn’t make the @names live links.

So, for my Christmas present to you all, I have painstakingly made every link live. Please see below for my #FF recommendations, a list of who I follow and why I follow them!

For keeping odd things in her bra and introducing me to twitter @MinaCab

For being kind enough to follow me back, and tweet me occasionally @richardm56 I’m not a daytime TV person so although I knew who he was, I wasn’t a stalker fan, but people said he was Mr Twitter, so I followed. He was funny. He made me laugh, I replied to a couple of his tweets – and he replied! I told him some mad tale about Binky (Richard’s late mail sherpa, long story) asking via the medium of Derek Acorah for him to follow me back – and he did! LOL. Twitter rocks!

For all things cake @thecakenest

For being a pocket rocket @porridgebrain

For being as deep as the ocean @WorldWithoutEnd

For Silent Sundays @cosmicgirlie

For consistent loveliness @JfB57

For extraordinarily bizarre conversations @PowerFairy

For thinking (mistakenly) that I’m a bit like Mary Poppins @DrewParky who, to me, is a little ray of sunshine, and for being his friend @pheonecia

For talking the hind legs off a donkey @MyDaddyCooks

Without Twitter I would never have started coffee-gate…. with @StarbucksUkMD who seems a really nice guy

For oozing common sense and loveliness @LizJarvisUk

For always being there to chat @kateab

For the best lists, in the world, EVER and appreciating evil plans @summerlandc

Top married couple @MeTheManAndBaby @JustATypicalDad

For being in my home town (and a top girl) @KayAndHerBoys

For wonderful blog comments and all round niceness @SheilaW10

For flying the Starbucks flag @The_Moiderer

For being a bit rude but lovely @Nudieprincess

For gentle humour @asnood and occasional rudeness @RAFairman @farmerdadof2 @ThyfaceJesus

For having super curly hair @christinemosler

For nice knickers @Rosa_lingerie

For professionalism @KarenPJ

For loveliness @domesticgoddesq @ShortyMcStompy @prymface @mammamia2001 @katecollings @tmatlack @nickie72 @frugalfamily @caroline_s @vickiCB @KezLewis @mrskatik @peabee72 @snowleopardess @beckicklesie @emmacollinspr @imperfectpages @karenbrand

For #TheGallery @taracain

For great information @kidaroundmag @netmums @eczemasupport @wikio_uk @theNSPCC @flyingstartmag @pragmaticdesign @sobukiRa @fridaytwiz @thekidscoach

Because she has a pretty avi @MostlyYummy

For having fangs @Tattooed_mummy

For great interaction @utterlyscrummy @kookoocachu @vegemitivix @mummywalker @sezi13 @coffeetoatea @newdaynewlesson @tkeala @piginthekitchen @marketingtomilk @tradingnothing @cheshire_Claire @davefowler @singledadsdiary @nickicawood @chrispassey @SimonG_1

For rocking #MentionMondays @mollydcampbell

For having a dream @benbloggerdad

For supportive tweets @MrsIrrelevant @Kailexness @Karen_Sawbridge @MrsTeepot @abstract42 @superrealpj @liveotherwise @livingwithkids @soorganised @teamleila @becaboop @lakessinglemum @mumrablog @chrisandharvey

For being a nutjob who makes me laugh @Lucas_North and for being pretty and having a good memory @Dimitri_MI5 and for being the original @TomQuinnMI5

For not being gay @socialcyclist and @WkendDad (sorry boys, couldn’t resist, they definitely are not gay though ok)

For being local(ish) @hannahbean57 and @KJTweetster and @kidaroundmag and @thelexdencrown and @LEPRA_Hina and @louiseg and @essexgourmet and @shanabp and @Andy_Golding and @leonamurray and @layermarneytower

For looking good in a santa hat @careyannie

For great jugs @richardepryor

For being a monster @keiththemonster

For sweetness @lucypaw @helloitsgemma @susankmann @maris_world @seasparkle_x @jordanfleet @pippaD @sarahsiddons @kanga_Rue @bobbi10100 @sean217uk @violetposy @amylane @cafebebe @mediocre_mum @kateagreen @adventuresEM @stevehills @jimbobbers

For being an ace girl and a great mum @Henry_Bears_Mum

For being lovely, caring, funny and there @fleetwoodboy for being genuine @RugbyMadsDad and supporting the cause @hooker1uk

For niceness @lucyehodgson @realityrose @plus2point4 @20snouts @redtedart @militarywife71 @karenphillipsuk @jalliedaddy @singlewithkids @motivatingmumuk @rosiescribble @wheniwasakid @whoopass @McInTweet

Because they both seem lovely, and fun @DiabloPR and @squarish

For being married @himupnorth oh ok, and great tweets, and being generally FAB

For doing wonderful things @PeterWanless

For loving Bobby Flay, and being all round pink’n’awesome @TheJellyMmonster

For being a superstrong single mum @Metajugglamum

For techy advice, and allround niceguyness @spences10

I LOVE the secret postclub, thank you @notefromlapland

For coming across as seriously nice, funny, dodgy jumper wearing, talented and easy on the eye @DhruvBaker1

For being an amazing dad, for putting others first and for wanting to make a difference @OnlyDads

I will still mention, although not live link (yet) – those who I follow, but do not follow back: @moogyboobles @mammywoo @YoungMummyUK @michelletwinmum @coolcolchester @bumblingtweets @cwtchesandchaos @BrightonMumTeen @BumbleBecki @SiMaths @atmccollam @Suburbanmummyuk @dizzydanni84 @existere @selfridges @greenandblacks @dotterel @olivia_wood @thebabybook @nomorexcuses @flyingstartedu @colchcirclemag @tots100 @epolicemuseum @onlymums @tchocolatec @andreajarman @mizzpink @quinceandquilt @nought2niche @foodurchin @m73ichelle @perfhappymum @lolawomble @netcurtains @colchesterzoo @actingtheparty @radioleary @dearthyroid @and1moremeans5 @greatauntuk @bbcnews @sarymclary @vwallop @skippedydoodah @pinchypants @smittnbybritain @blognonymous @second_time_mum @saffronbs @kidstart @nhsbt @shirlettsman @savvymum4 @GreatOrmondSt @dawnie_brown @themummylife @shitgingerdog @nothernmum1 @rumbarbar @carolinematthews @frazzleddaddy @theboyandme @tiddlyompompom @mrs_doodles @karamina @mrsshilts

Anyone who tells me they’ve followed back – gets made into a live link 🙂