And 20 fags for me dad please

Have just sent my 11 year old son to the shop (which is about 200 yards away….) to get a packet of rolls for packed lunch tomorrow and some baked beans to go with 9 year old’s dinner.

I know it’s an important part of his development that I allow him to do this but I fret the whole time he is gone. Will he drop the money and run into the road to get it? Will he be mugged? Will he drop something in the shop and panic? Will he get run over crossing the road? Will a peodophile target him?

As ever, he is a sensible boy, we live in a nice neighbourhood and he comes home safely with all goods in a bag and all change accounted for.

Made me think of when I was sent to the shop as a child…… most days I would be sent to get a copy of the Sun, a bar of fruit & nut and 20 fags for my dad!

The shopkeeper would always sell me the cigarettes as he knew they were for my dad. When the regulations changed, I used to have to take a note from my dad asking for them!

How times have changed huh!