Purple Mash, Purple Mash

Being stupidly susceptible to the powers of product placement (*ooooh something shiny*) and advertising, I recently bought a bag of purple potatoes.

Youngest child refused to even try it so I’ve ended up having to make purple mash for myself:

Anyone who has ever  made playdough will know what my thoughts were as I made it!

Although it is a little off putting in colour, it doesn’t really taste of anything at all. Found I had to really season it to get any taste but with half a ton of butter, salt and pepper it just tasted like, well, mashed potato!

Looked even weirder on the plate…

They are called Purple Majesty and I got mine from Sainsburys although I’d imagine the other supermarkets sell them too. Oh, and according to the BBC they are really good for you too as they contain 10 x the normal level of antioxidant, anthocyanins compared with white potatoes! Read more here….