It’s hot and you KNOW you want it…

For lunch today I dragged the Breville sandwich maker out from the dark, dusty recesses of the cupboard. As you can see from the box, it’s been there a while…

After considering the range of ‘serving suggestions’ offered by Breville, I threw caution to the wind and opted for ham and cheese.

Sadly I forgot that when making a toasted sandwich you are meant to portion the fillings off into neat little triangles (they’ve demonstrated this on the box using cat sick for some reason), so I instead foolishly made a normal sandwich – with filling all over the bread.

In these days of diet this and low calorie that, I had forgotten how much I love the decadence of buttering BOTH sides of the bread! So, sandwich made I plonked it onto the pre-heated Breville and noted that yes the Breville has neat little square recipticles and yes my sandwich is large and rectangular.

After the non specified time, I opened the Breville to find that half my sandwich was stuck to the top and half to the bottom – but my memory of how to fix this came to my rescue and I successfully extracted the sandwich using a teaspoon.

Yes, when I cut it all the ham came out in one go.

Yes, when I bit it it burnt my mouth.

Yes, it’s somewhat passe.

BUT man it was lovely and you KNOW you want one!