A Box of Loveliness!

I’m so happy to have arrived home from work to find a white box on my door mat. Everyone likes getting parcels, right? But this one is especially exciting as it has this sticker on it:


So what’s inside?

The children danced around me with plates while I opened the box, ignoring all my cries that the box was clearly addressed to ME not them!


Gorgeously wrapped!


And gorgeous unwrapped!

The boys microwaved them and woofed down 1 each straight away.

I’ve put the rest of the box in the fridge for later. I’m thinking that, served warm with vanilla ice-cream, they might just be a little slice of heaven!

HUGE thanks to @utterlyscrummy for my lovely brownies. So kind of you and such a generous portion! I’ll definitely be ordering some to take into work when it’s my birthday next month.

If you’d like to order a little box of heaven for yourself, visit www.utterlyscrummy.co.uk