Council Tax Dilemma – What Would You Do?

After moving house in December I was somewhat floored by my council tax bill.

It’s a lot more than I have ever paid before. I thought it must be wrong so I applied online to challenge it.

Three months later (and three chase ups) they have written to say that they think the band is correct.

I have now looked into it all further and it seems to hinge on the value of the property in April 1991.

My house wasn’t built in April 1991 so you have to use to reverse house price calculator like this one.

It is obviously a rather inexact science! Using the calculator, it would seem that my house (based on the reverse calculation) would fall into a particular band by about £500.

So, in theory, the council are correct.

However, surely I could argue that as my house wasn’t built then there is no real way to ascertain its value and as it only just tips into the higher band it might be reasonable to assume some margin of error?

In normal circumstances I would appeal against the decision.

BUT. And here lies the dilemma:

I’ve also checked some of the other houses on my street using the reverse calculator. My neighbours for example. Their house is worth about 100k more than mine and using the reverse calculator their house should actually go up into the next band – this would obviously increase their council tax bill.

So do I leave it and put up with potentially paying £500 a year too much for my council tax?

Or do I appeal it and risk my neighbours having their band put up?