Dear Audi, your sat nav sucks!

Dear Audi,

You make lovely cars.

They are exceptionally lovely to look at and I’m assured that they also have great build quality, superior engineering, handling, safety etc etc


The sat nav sucks! It is only possible to put in part of the post code which really doesn’t help you to find places.

For example, at the weekend we wanted to get to Van Hages in Peterborough so we looked up the post code and put as much as we were allowed into the sat nav, which is PE1 4 – the sat nav did not recognise any of the remaining address so we set off to PE1 4 which as it turns out is a pretty big area!

The sat nav took us to here:


But where we actually needed to be was here:


The distance between the two places? Over 4 miles:


We actually had to pull over and find our way using the navigation system on our mobile phones! How ridiculous is that?

Please tell me there is something that can be done about this; an upgrade or something?