Let VEG keep blogging! #neverseconds

I am saddened to live in a world where we see someone show huge initiative and great entrepreneurial spirit by starting a blog (which, let’s not forget, means lots of additional work at home!) and instead of praising them or even giving them extra credit, the blog gets banned!

How petty and small-minded is that?

What on earth do they have to hide?

Well it has back fired big style as when I peeked at the blog earlier today the page visits counter was literally whizzing onwards and upwards in front of my eyes!

Part of her blogging campaign is to raise money for school dinners in poorer countries (see here for more details) how exactly has that been deemed to be bad?

I think we should throw @argyllandbute a lifeline here – let’s encourage them say it was all a publicity stunt to help VEG’s cause and let her blog as she pleases from now on 😉