Family Fun Day: Sport

A sport themed family fun day at Royal Institution in London – Sat 7th July 2012

The day will help kids explore the science behind sport, and get a better understanding of what it takes to be a top athlete or sportsperson. The following are just a couple of examples of the activities that families who come along could get involved in on the day:


  • GETTING A LUNG FULL – The surface area of your lungs is absolutely massive – in fact, it’s even bigger than your skin and if it was spread out would cover 80 square meters: half the size of a tennis court. But have you ever considered what they actually look like? Get up close and personal with a real lung, and see what happens as it gets filled with air. Seeing that spongy bag inflate to several times its size is a breath-taking experience: you’ll have a hard time believing that’s what goes on inside you with every breath!


  • HOW TO TRACK YOUR TRAINING – In this hands-on demonstration, kids will get the chance to try out cutting edge sensors which are used to track athletes in action and monitor their performance. One sensor, which is worn behind the ear, will turn your head into a hands-free joystick to control a computer game.


  • KIDS VS GROWN-UPS ULTIMATE FITNESS CHALLENGE – Find out once and for all who the real couch potato is. In this activity, it’s kids versus grownups as we test all manner of body parts to see who which generation is first off the blocks and who will be last over the finish line.


 The Royal Institution Family Fun Day: Sport

 Date: Saturday 7 July, 11am-4pm

 Where: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS (Nearest tube Green Park)

 What: Get your kids thinking about what it takes to be a champion athlete from a scientific perspective. Explore everything from the physics behind the perfect free kick to what happens to your body during exercise.