Charity Tuesday

Looking for a charity to support? Please take a look at any of the excellent good causes mentioned below, for more information about each one please click on the blue link.

If you want me to write a post about your charity – please get in touch x

MAGPAS – support this excellent charity by joining their lottery….win, win!

The Royal Institution – family fun days!

The Songwriting Charity – truly glorious – helping children via the medium of song!

UNICEF – highlighting poverty with their Live Below The Line Campaign; could you live on less than £1 a day?

Ellie’s Fund – raising awareness of brain tumours and asking for empty baby wipe packets!

Cake for CAFT – mum of 2 runs 180 miles to raise money for the Children’s Adventure Farm

Haven – a refuge centre for victims of domestic violence

Blurt – encouraging bloggers to add a badge to their blogs to help stamp out the stigma of depression

Eczema Support – to help raise awareness and understanding

Charity Greetings – who launched a card shop via Facebook in support of the Dogs Trust

Vanessa Riddle – an appeal for donations for operation that the NHS won’t provide

Dean Symmonds – a request for votes for him to carry the paralympic torch

Red Balloon – helping children who are a victim of bullying

Brainstrust – who offer support and care for brain tumour sufferers and their families

Light Up A Life – supporting St Helena Hospice

Treasure Boxes – a little girl who raises money by selling bracelets so that she can make donations to womens’ refuge

Blurt – a charity that offers mentoring for people suffering with depression

Dixon Hall – an incredible community service in Toronto.

Childline – asking people to give an hour of their salary to childline

Big Blue Cuddle – a childrens’ clothing store with a big difference!

Pillowcase Dresses – promoting Dress A Girl Around The World

Alexander’s Charity Ball – raising money for FSID

Colchester Hospitals Charity – promoting their Santa Fun Run

LEPRA – to help raise awareness of Leprosy

OnlyDads – in support of single dads

Marie Stopes – in support of a woman’s right to choose

Help4Heroes – in support of those wounded in Britain’s current conflicts

NHSBT – to appeal for more blood and platelet donors

NSPCC – to help raise awareness of their Christmas wishes campaign

ODEON – to promote an autism friendly screening

CCCS – for National Debt Day and free debt solutions

MLD – for a child suffering from Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

Save The Children – to raise awareness of the Press For Change campaign

If you would like me to consider running a charitable guest post for you, please let  me know in the comments box below.