Important Discoveries

Washing Up – no matter how long you leave it, it will not do itself

Bluebottles – never signify anything good

Cats – no matter how many beds, towels, designated throws you provide; they will only sleep on your clean laundry

Laundry – must be related to washing up as it will also not do itself

‘Nothing tastes as good as slim feels’ – is a lie

Cats – if you obstruct your clean laundry, they will sleep on your pillow

Coffee – real coffee that is, smells sooooo good

True Love – if you find it, hold on tight

Beetroot – is awesome

Sweetfire beetroot – could change your life

Kittens – are actually the cutest, most awwwww inspiring thing on god’s green earth

Wine – the sound of cold, dry, white wine being poured has to be one of the best sounds in the world

Unfiled post – multiplies (by 10 every 4 hours) when left unattended

Waiting in for a parcel – can slow time, physicists should look into this

Cats – are better than dogs *hides behind sofa from dog owners*

Handwritten letters – I miss them

Unexpected heartfelt #FFs – give you a warm fuzzy feeling

Trees – are bloody great, I love them

Wasps – are shite

House Hippos – I wish they were real

Cats – also like sleeping in really small boxes

A good book – can lift your soul

A bad book – is like a personal insult

Bees – need protecting, buy a bee box, buy some bee friendly flowers

Grey hairs – do not multiply if you pull them out

Grey hairs – do multiply as soon as you notice them, they just like attention

Full English Breakfast – if cooked right is one of the most satisfying things you can eat

Fruit – meh

Finally a quote, I don’t know who it is by but I think it’s one of the truest things I’ve ever read:

Love isn’t the person you can see yourself with, it’s the one person you can’t see yourself without