SpaceBunker Needs YOU!

spacebunker logoSpaceBunker is the brainchild of my son who is 15 and attends school in Cambridgeshire. He has always had a passion for understanding the universe, even from a very young age (approx 5) I’ve had to try to explain things to him like why there is a straight line on the moon when it’s a half-moon and why the sky is blue.

Fortunately for me his love of the universe has progressed far beyond my rudimentary knowledge and he is constantly seeking new information and questioning the world around him.

He wants to be an astronautical engineer in the future and has plans to be pioneering in the UK space program – even to the point that he wants to be launching rockets from the UK with a view to gaining a better understanding of the formation of the universe and interstellar travel. He has other plans but apparently they are secret 😉

Rocket sketchThis project is currently more about sharing the knowledge that he already has via a dedicated blog and YouTube channel that can bring new and interesting facts about space, science, maths and general geekiness to the mainstream. It would, I imagine, be popular with a variety of age ranges and abilities and would have educational value.

A bit about my son – other than the above, he is a very bright mathematician and has been studying an accelerated maths course and is a member of the school maths team. He has recently discovered that he has Synesthesia.  He plays badminton, enjoys drumming and is currently partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Telescope sketch

The KickStarter is currently 20% funded and he needs help reaching more people to make it work. Please consider backing the project, even if you can only afford a £1, because it will be so good for him to feel supported and also every little £1 will add up and between us we can reach the target!

Click here to take a look and back the project.

Please share this with your friends and colleagues and anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you x