Invasion Colchester

I was in Game the other day with my 2 boys when a man handed me a flyer for Invasion Colchester. Obviously he didn’t know me from Adam, so he won’t know that tomorrow I will be giving him a free listing on the diary dates section of the KidAround website. Nor will he know that I will be pimping his event on my blog. This makes me smile ūüôā

To raise money and awareness for new EMO units, a fabulous day for star wars fans, film buffs and gamers alike has been planned in Colchester.

If you can’t make it on the day, you can donate on the Just Giving page.

Check out the various activities and characters you can encounter…

    • The Ghostbusters¬†will be entertaining through Lion Walk
    • The Clones¬†from¬†Star Wars¬†will be at¬†Game¬†in Lion Walk
    • At the¬†Odeon Cinema¬†on Head Street you’ll be able to see¬†Batman,¬†Pirates of the Caribbean’s Elizabeth Swann¬†and¬†Captin Jack,¬†Indiana Jones¬†and a couple of¬†Gorilla Soldiers
    • Star Wars’ R2 D2¬†will be joined at¬†Williams & Griffin¬†on the High Street by¬†Chewbacca, an¬†Ewok¬†and a troop of¬†Rebel Soldiers
    • Ralph Morse¬†(an extra in Star Wars)¬†will be signing outside¬†Colchester Library, flanked by¬†Darth Vader’s Imperial Forces¬†and¬†Boba Fett
    • Gaming fans will be able to see¬†Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warefare,Hitman¬†and comic book character¬†The Spirit¬†at¬†Xtreme Gaming¬†at the lower end of the High Street
    • ACE¬†on Culver Street East (the small road between Jacks and Savers) will be host to a number of other characters including six members of the¬†Stargate SG1 Team,¬†New Battle Star Galactica’s Leiutenant Starbuck¬†and fresh from battling¬†Dr Who, a¬†Dalek!
    • There will be a character hunt for the kids on the day. When you’ve filled your sheet with the special stamps from finding certain characters, you’ll be able to enter the exclusive raffle to win some fantastic prizes!
    • There will also be additional tickets on sale for a separate raffle running on the day
    • Plus in¬†Lion Walk¬†there will be some local bands playing live, face painting and¬†Dream 100¬†will be on hand as well
    • Don’t miss the Group Photo which will take place around 4:30pm in¬†Lion Walk