Halloween 2011

Today is pumpkin carving day, I try not to get too involved as I find the smell turns my stomach…. So after much bragging 😉 from @DhruvBaker1 about his pumpkin carving skills we decided to follow suit and buy a kit from @WaitroseUK to ‘aid’ us with the carving process!

While the boys were knee deep in pumpkin guts I decided for the first year ever to try roasting pumpkin seeds. I had a look at some recipes on google an discovered that people seemed to either go for sweet or savoury options. I decided to go for a simple in between version which included butter, brown sugar, salt and ground pepper.

I separated the seeds from the gunk and then rinsed them in water before patting them dry on some kitchen roll.

I mixed the butter, sugar, salt and pepper mixture in the bowl and then added the dried pumpkin seeds. Gave it all a thorough stir and then spread out onto a baking tray.

I then baked it for around 20 mins at 200. I checked it every couple of minutes so that I could stop it at the exact moment when I liked the colour!

They taste not dissimilar to toffee popcorn, light and crunchy with a toffee aftertaste. I think maybe adding chilli to the mix would have made a nice taste too.

Meanwhile, the boys are busy carving their pumpkin templates – finished articles will be shown tomorrow!

Can you guess what they’ll be?

Good stuff huh, and I think we all agree that what we wont do is mention the first batch of pumpkin seeds which I may have left in the oven for too long!