What Is Your Funeral Song?

This isn’t intended to be a sad or morbid post.

I have recently worked on some Orders of Service and have been struck by the wide range of music that is chosen for funerals.

Some go for gentle classical tracks, some for ballads, some for songs containing a person’s name like Clair de lune, Daniel, Mandy and Sweet Caroline.

Some, however, pick really unusual tracks like We’re Going To Barbados and Who Let The Dogs Out! Which made me wonder whether the person had left strict instructions for their funeral songs or whether it was family choice?!

Working on the service sheets for funerals has made me think how hard it must be to pick a song that reflects a person; putting all emotion to one side it would definitely be easier if the person had left you guideines for what they would prefer.

So, what would you want your funeral song to be, and why?