Exotic Pet Refuge

During a recent trip to Van Hages in Peterborough (which we found our way to despite the avoidance tactics of the Sat Nav, but that’s another story….) we were delighted to see some owls outside the store.

They were there to highlight the work of the Exotic Pet Refuge. The owls were stunningly beautiful and looked in excellent condition so I can only assume that the good folks at the Exotic Pet Refuge are doing an excellent job!

There were breeds of owl that I had seen before, but there was also the one pictured below with lovely colouring. I think they said she was Indian?

One of the owls was so small that we thought it was a toy! The tiny one is the grey one – if you look at the pic of the 3rd owl along you can see the tiny grey one in the back ground of the picture which gives you some idea of how small it is!

They don’t just have owls at the refuge, they have over 400 animals, including: wild cats, reptiles, wolves, meerkats, parrots, lemurs, monkeys, meerkats, chipmonks and more! They hold open days throughout the year and the next one is on the 20th May 2012 – why not head along to see the animals and show your support.