Titanic Voyage in Real Time Tweets via @TitanicRealTime

I saw a timeline today depicting the voyage of the Titanic in real time tweets, it was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you especially as I know that a lot of my followers aren’t on twitter. It follows the series of events leading to the sinking of the Titanic, including photographs, from the view point of the captain, crew, passengers and rescue ships. Huge thanks to History Press for putting this together. Scroll down to the bottom and read up to follow it from the very beginning:
#officer They say there are around 700 of us – that adds up to around 1,500 lives lost…..

#Carpathia We have set course for New York with the lost liner’s survivors – we estimate around 700.

#Carpathia The captain has not been found. The officers say the last they saw of him was entering the bridge shortly before she went under.

#Officer  It barely seems real, so many lost…

#Carpathia We await the arrival of the other vessels but it is just too late. No one could have survived the ice cold water for this long

#crew Those who could have been saved have been saved – the rest haven’t survived the bitter cold water.

#Carpathia Twenty boats have now been rescued and passengers on board, we are tending to them as best we can…

#Carpathia More boats continue to be brought on board, although some are now being set adrift due to space restrictions.

#Carpathia Message received from the ship Birma, now only 30 miles off our position.

#Carpathia The second boat is now on board. The true gravity of what has happened hasn’t hit home yet, but give them time…

#firstclass Thank God! We are saved at last; it seemed like an eternity…

#Carpathia We begin the process of bringing the lifeboats on board. Those in the life rafts are alive, but only just. It is bitterly cold.

#Carpathia This is a terrible scene – bodies litter the ocean surface, others cling to drift while those on lifeboats call for help.

#Carpathia We have reached Titanic’s location but the ship is gone. How could this have happened?

#Officer Success! I think we have been spotted!

#Carpathia Unless my eyes deceive me, I can spot a single green light floating in the distance. It’s dim, but definitely there…

#Carpathia Calling Titanic with zero response, we can only hope their wireless is damaged and nothing worse has happened.

#Caronia We have picked up a message from a ship saying they are firing rockets. No communication as to who however.

#officer Burning green pyrotechnic lights in my lifeboat. My hands are so cold I can barely hold the flame. Someone must see us…

#firstclass The ocean is awash with screaming people and bodies – it is an unimaginable sight.

#firstclass Those poor souls floating in the ice cold water, I want to pull them into the boat but others resist. Why?

#officer Turn back, turn back, we must search for survivors!

#officer No one knows what to say or do. Some sit quietly, others weep, some are inconsolable. I can barely believe it…

#BoatNo1 She is gone…The unsinkable ship….Lost in the depths….All around check their watches 2.20a.m. – exactly.

#BoatNo1 The stern has pitched straight up, dear Lord it sounds like thunder! All the boats are quiet, and all we can see are people falling

#crew Here we go…the ship took a huge plunge and righted herself again. Everyone is panicking, what do I do??

#BoatNo1 Good God, the stern came well out of the water then and the ship is pitching – Look at those poor people…

#BoatNo1 She has split in two abaft the expansion plate! The stern has righted itself but the bow is lost, sinking quickly…

#BoatNo1 All the lights have now dimmed, pure darkness. Only screams can be heard…

#officer The ship took an enormous dive then, something must have buckled. The water is now up to the crow’s nest and into the forebridge.

#crew Did you hear that? An enormous crash as if the iron is parting from the ship. I must get on deck as soon as possible!

#captain I retire to the bridge. She cannot be saved, but I will go down with my ship. I have told the crew – Be British.

#bandmaster Gentlemen, the end I fear is fast approaching, what to play next… Nearer My God To Thee I think.

#quartermaster Fortunate enough to be on boat C as boat D is also launched. The well deck is completely submerged. I hope they got out…

#crew Good God, people are jumping from the ship into the sea. They will all perish in the ice cold water…

#crew Collapsible boat C has been launched with the quartermaster in charge. I fear I will never be able to leave this ship…

#captain I have told all those in the wireless cabin to leave and look out for themselves. There is nothing more they can do.

#officer Women and children in boats cannot last much longer. What else can be done?

#Olympic We are lighting up all possible boilers to make haste to Titanic’s location, please say we will make it there in time…

#engineering The engine room is now beyond saving, it is severely flooded with more water coming in by the minute. We need to save ourselves

#officer The ship is now listing noticeably to port – lifeboat 10 has only a 2.5ft gap between the side of the rail on the Boat Deck!

#crew Boat No. 14 overwhelmed by a sudden rush of gentlemen trying to board the lifeboat. A warning gunshot has been fired!

#thirdclass Why won’t they let my wife and son on board a lifeboat? They have as much right as those in first class!

#officer Major panic is beginning to set in and guns being pulled out by officers to control the crowds. Women and children first!

#captain All the boats are being lowered but there simply aren’t enough. No one planned for this circumstance…

#crew Another boat launched, No. 14. Numbers 13 and 15 are also preparing to be lowered with people scrambling to get aboard…

#officer We are going down fast at the head, the captain’s predictions may not turn out to be accurate. God help us all.

#engineering All that could have been done has been done…

#crew Boat No. 16 has launched with the Master-at-Arms in charge. The ship is starting to pitch violently and water levels are rising.

#officer This is not looking good, the water level is up to the second row of ports just under Titanic’s name at the bow…

#Olympic Finally a message from Titanic, they have struck an iceberg and require assistance. Our position is 505 miles away…

#quartermaster Boat No. 6 has been launched, and I am in charge of it. I feel relief but also pity for those who will not be as lucky…

#thirdclass Did you see that? That woman just fell from right up there! They saved her though, pulled her back in on deck.

#engineering We have finally received some portable suction pipes, but I feel it is too little too late. Four brave men are in boiler room 4

#crew Boat No. 1 now safely launched. Things are starting to get very heated amongst passengers; it is only a matter of time…

#Olympic We can now clearly hear their distress call but we need a position, currently trying to answer but with no response.

#Ypiranga We hear Titanic’s SOS-CQD and her position. We are on our way to assist.

#officer Boat No. 8 launched on the port side forward. There is no way we will be able to fit all these people on the boats…

#crew Boat No. 3 has now been launched with chaos still overwhelming on deck. The panic is becoming more apparent.

#Olympic We are trying to contact Titanic to confirm – we need to know their position and get there quickly if reports are true.

#Carpathia We have called Titanic to confirm both positions – we must come to their aid.

#Olympic I think we intercepted Titanic’s communications, it says they have struck an iceberg and are sinking. That can’t be right…

#firstclass No sir, I will not put on a lifejacket, we are dressed in our best and prepared to go down like gentlemen!

#steward The water on E Deck is up to the second funnel casing by the main first class stairway port and starboard sides. It’s unstoppable.

#bandmaster Land of Hope and Glory next I think.

#officer There is water flowing down the stairs from E Deck to F Deck, there can be no saving her…

#firstclass My darling, the band are still playing, there is plenty of time for me to get on another lifeboat.

#firstclass On to the lifeboat my dear, don’t worry there will be one for me later. Come along now, don’t get upset.

#crew Boat No. 5 is launched but it is chaos on deck. Everyone is pushing and shoving to get their children or themselves on a boat.

#captain Both the Mount Temple and Frankfurt have heard our calls. I have instructed the crew to find out Frankfurt’s position.

#officer Captain Smith will not leave deck – he insists on overseeing the loading and lowering of the boats.

#firstclass I say, watch it! A fellow with a cello just pushed passed in a real hurry.

#first class I don’t see why I should get on that lifeboat, it is much safer on the ship surely.

#bandmaster We are needed on deck, fetch your lifejacket and report back to the port-forward first class entrance.

#crew The first lifeboat has been launched, No. 7, starboard side forward. We have a crew member on board and in charge.

#Carpathia Titanic has sent a distress signal, they have struck an iceberg and require immediate assistance!

#Caronia Distress call received from the Titanic. Why would she require assistance? She is unsinkable.

#Ypiranga We have received a distress call from Titanic, she requires immediate assistance!

#crew I can’t make it out but I may have seen a light off Titanic’s port bow. I hope to goodness I have, we may then have a chance.

#officer First CQD transmitted with distress coordinates sent – we wait to see who responds…

#captain 1 and a half hours is nowhere near long enough, how can we save everyone?

#crew Captain has told us to signal for assistance and report our current position, please God let someone hear this….

#captain The decision has been made; boats are to be loaded with women and children first. No man is an exception to this rule!

#firstclass This is tiresome, but I suppose one has to show willing. Come along darling, out on deck, as they say.

#bandmaster Gentlemen, let us move up to the foyer, I believe that is where we are needed most.

#ThomasAndrews I cannot believe this. The ship cannot be saved, she only has 1 to 1.5 hours at most before she goes under…

#passenger Everyone is being ordered up immediately for boarding onto the lifeboats. They will never take all the passengers on board!

#captain I have told the two Marconi operators that they may need to send a CQD – but not to do so until I give the order.

#firstclass The band has started to play in the lounge, at this late hour!

#officer 13 men have been ordered up to place 4 loaves of bread in each lifeboat, who knows how long it will be until we are found?

#crew How can this be happening? This ship is unsinkable!

#officer The captain has returned to give the order. All lifeboats to be swung out and passengers brought on deck with lifebelts on.

#bandmaster Just going down to give them a tune, cheer them up a bit.

#passenger All this water…it is only within a few feet of reaching the E Deck staircase. How can this be?

#thirdclass Water is beginning to build up, this is not looking good! Where is my wife God damn it?

#captain How can holds 1, 2 & 3 be gone already? This ship is supposed to be unsinkable and those holds watertight!

#crew The chunks of ice in the well deck are enormous! Someone needs to investigate the damage under the forecastle head as well.

#officer Now inspecting the line of boats being readied on the port side, the men are working as fast as they can!

#officer Water is only 2ft off F Deck, although it seems to have slowed down. Nevertheless it is still rising and we have to abandon ship.

#engineering The lights have come back on in the stokeholds thank God. Boiler room 5 gauges are low, we need to get men to draw fires!

#officer Clocks did not need to go back this time due to the accident – more pressing issues at hand!

#captain The boatswain has given the order ‘All hands up and about the boats’, we need to muster the list for loading the passengers…

#passenger Why are the lifeboats being readied? This ship is unsinkable, this cannot be happening!

#bandmaster No questions, I have received an order to play, and play we will.

#bandmaster Come along chaps, get your stuff together, the captain has requested our presence in the first class lounge.

#fireman I was woken with a shout from someone and had to wade through water to get to the staircase. What on earth has happened?

#captain I have returned to deck and given the order to the boatswain, all lifeboats need to be ready for lowering immediately!

#crew Lights are out all through engineering, we have been tasked to get some lamps to the stokeholds immediately.

#captain Heading down the working staircase onto E Deck and the engine room, I need to see this damage for myself.

#engineering All the lights have suddenly gone off in the stokeholds – we need lamps for boiler room 5 quickly!

#crew Water coming in from starboard side as I look down from G Deck – someone needs to tell engineering.

#engineering The floods are now 8ft over the stokehold plates in boiler room 6. Someone just said they are at 7ft in hold 1 to. Good God….

#firstclass Everyone is rushing up on deck to see what the problem is…it is just me or are we tilting?

#crew Just reported to the captain that holds 1,2 and 3 are flooding quickly – he has gone below deck to meet up with an officer.

#crew An officer has come out of his quarters and quickly decides the collision was nothing serious, has he not heard up from engineering?

#officer All men have been ordered to return to stations – we need to assess the damage sustained.

#carpathia Sending out our final communication with Titanic – apparently some mishap has taken place but I assume it isn’t serious.

#captain Engines now set to full stop – we are clear from the iceberg. It has disappeared off the starboard quarter.

#captain Ismay has come up on deck on and is asking what happened – all we know is that we struck an iceberg. Damage yet unknown.

#firstclass What on earth was that?? It felt like the very earth was moving!

#crew The iceberg off the starboard quarter is disappearing into the night – we are still moving but not by much. Ice all over the well deck

#officer The ship is still moving around 4-6 knots through the water – it will take a while to stop this immense vessel.

#passenger Everyone is up and talking about what they heard. I am more worried about the enormous jolt, ice perhaps?

#engineering The forepeak tank is filling quickly; air is coming out and water coming in!

#officer Was that a ‘half speed ahead’ sign from the captain? I must have mis-understood amidst all this chaos…

#engineering Are the ship’s engines moving again? I can’t understand why that would be, we need to stop!

#crew The ship’s engines have stopped – I need to investigate. What on earth was that?

#engineering A terrible hissing sound coming from the forepeak tank – must be the air escaping. Engines now in full reverse!

#officer Captain has ordered us to close the WTDs – already closed. The ship is swinging hard to starboard!

#captain Just entered the bridge to see chaos. Mr Murdoch – what have we struck?

#captain *COLLISION WITH ICEBERG* Just been woken by a tremendous crashing sound, what is going on out there?

#quartermaster Entering the bridge to see a flurry of activity – the peak of an iceberg has just passed the bridge!

#engineering Coal is falling around everyone’s feet along with the water – I have no idea how to save us…

#engineering Water pouring in 2ft above stokehold plates in boiler room 6 and in the empty starboard side forward bunker of boiler room 5!

#officer 3 gongs coming from the lookout and a report on the telephone – Iceberg Right Ahead. Hard-a-starboard!!

#officer The ship’s head is swinging over to port as the tiller is now hard over to starboard – surely not….

#engineering Boiler room telegraph bell ringing, red light on the illuminated telegraph – FULL STOP!

#crew Keeping a sharp lookout but no icebergs at all on our current route. Visibility is becoming more of an issue however…

#firstclass The lights in the lounges have been extinguished and have been moved from the reading & writing room on A Deck. Time to turn in.

#passenger I was just climbing into my top berth to read when I noticed the ship vibrating much more than usual. Is this normal?

#officer More messages from Californian – they are still at full stop. Titanic would have no problem cutting through.

#officer Californian ATS has just informed us she has had to stop due to a field of pack ice – I’ve informed the lookouts.

#passenger I’ve noticed the engines running faster than at any other time during the trip – no doubt they want to beat Olympic’s record.

#engineering We’ve made good time in the last 2 hours. 45 nautical miles through water averaging 22.5 knots. No problems at all.

#officer Message received from Mesaba reporting further heavy pack ice and large icebergs; weather is clear to spot them however.

#crew We need to look after the fresh water – it is getting very cold and it may freeze if we are not careful.

#officer Another message from the Amerika regarding 2 large icebergs she has passed. Reports are coming in regularly now.

#officer Just rang up to the crow’s nest and told them to keep a sharp lookout for ice and growlers – too many reports to risk it.

#officer The captain has entered his quarters but given me instructions to let him know immediately if conditions become doubtful.

#captain Becoming a little bit more concerned about the conditions and visibility – just had a discussion with Lightoller.

#officer Just intercepted a message from the Californian to Antillian – 3 large bergs 5 miles south of them…

#officer A final signal exchanged between us and Carpathia– things are beginning to get dark and difficult to see clear ahead now.

#crew The temperature has dropped another 4 degrees since I went for dinner – I can see Lightoller taking a set of star sights.

#officer Just exchanged TRs with the Carpathia, one passenger message was also sent across.

#firstclass Sitting down to what I am sure will be a lovely dinner with friends. Everyone is dressed spectacularly.

#firstclass The sea is like a millpond, what a beautifully starlit night.

#engineering The double-ended boilers lit this morning have finally been put to use – this should help increase our speed.

#captain Calfornian ATS has messaged us about 5 large icebergs sighted 5 miles to their south. We should be well out of their path.

#firstclass Just been shown a worrying note by Mr Ismay, the Baltic has given us an ice warning. However I am sure everything is in hand.

#captain Course correction made in order to head towards the Nantucket Shoals light vessel.

#crew Just chalked up an rpm rate of 77 – this means we will be making about 22.3 knots through the water!

#officer Quickly responded to a note from the Baltic, made them aware of our fine weather since leaving and wished them well.

#captain I have the note back from Ismay, apparently he was discussing it with passengers…

#firstclass Mr Ismay has just shown us a note wishing Titanic a safe voyage from a passing vessel – he seems particularly pleased.

#officer All these ice reports need to be taken more seriously – the lookouts have been made aware of the danger

#captain We have received an uplifting message from steam Deutschland wishing us and Titanic all success. I have passed it to Ismay.

#captain Yet another report – this time from Athenai about passing icebergs and large quantities of field ice.

#captain More ice reports from other ships, the number and frequency is really starting to add up.

#officer Message received from Amerika – it passed two large icebergs that may run close to our course. We need to keep a watchful eye.

#crew Looks like a delicious luncheon for the first class passengers, the Titanic truly is a ship of luxury.

#thirdclass I just caught a glimpse of the first class lunch being prepared – a far cry from what we have!

#captain I have messaged the SS Noordam back thanking them for the ice report. Given the ship’s integrity I am not particularly concerned.

#officer Course altered to avoid reported ice on our current path – simply a precaution at this stage.

#engineering A much better average speed over the last 24 hours. I still feel there is much more to be squeezed out yet

#officer The third day’s run totals at 546 miles at an average of 22.06 knots. Revolutions held steady at 75-76 on reciprocating engines

#captain Received a message from SS Noordam, they report some moderate westerly winds and general fair weather ahead.

#firstclass Delighted that the captain will be conducting the Divine Service this morning in the first class saloon.

#captain I have thanked the ‘Caronia’ for the information and informed them of the variable weather we have had.

#firstclass A very enjoyable breakfast period has come to an end. The décor is exquisite and waiters most attentive.

#captain Message received from Caronia regarding possible bergs, growlers and field ice. Nothing to be concerned about.

#firstclass A glorious morning to enjoy another fantastic breakfast, full compliments to the chef.

#engineering Finally the order is given to light the 3 remaining double-ended boilers – now we will get a true measure of her speed.

#crew The 7th bell signifies the forenoon watch will be beginning soon, they will be taking breakfast in preparation.

#officer Ordered the ballast and fresh water tanks sounded in accordance with IMM rules. Need to ensure we run a tight operation.

#crew We have finally completed the repair of the wireless transmitter – 6 hours of solid work and a job well done.

#crew 8 bells ring out as morning watch begins, nothing to report as we switch stations with our crewmates.

#officer Wheelhouse clock now set back to 3:38, thus increasing the length of the middle watch by 22 minutes.

#crew 7 bells now ring – I am glad they continue to do so or I might nod off up here…

#officer All messages will now be logged in NY mean time in accordance with Marconi Company Practice, but the transmitter is still broken.

#crew 4 bells ring as I replace my crewmate in the lookout tower.

#crew The start of the 8 bells signifying the change of watch. I hope my replacement comes soon I could do with a solid night’s sleep.

#officer Clocks on the bridge set back to 23:37. The first watch has been extended by 23 minutes.

#crew Transmitter is going to take some time to fix, so much for a restful night’s sleep…

#crew The wireless transmitter has shorted and needs mending; I have been called out of bed to make repairs.

#captain Delightful lunch with Bruce Ismay. The first class reception room is an elegant way to enjoy a drink.

#firstclass I imagine they are discussing many important things; I even overheard them say we would beat Olympic and reach NY by Tuesday!

#firstclass Just sitting down for a spot of lunch and who should walk in but Bruce Ismay and Captain Smith himself!

#officer Now up to 22.2 knots through the water, this should help us make up some lost time!

#engineering Disappointing distance figures which we need to rectify. Now running at 75rpm to help increase our average speed.

#officer A deal of disappointment regarding our progress on this second day, we were hoping for a higher average speed.

#captain Second day’s run completed and posted at 519 miles. Our average speed was 20.91 knots.

#firstclass We can’t be nearly 3 days into the voyage! Time is passing far too quickly for my liking.

#officer More clock changes on the bridge as the length of the middle watch is extended by 25 minutes. All clocks on board back in sync.

#officer Clocks on the bridge set back to 23:36. The first watch has been extended by 24 minutes.

#engineering An additional boiler has been connected up in boiler room number 2. 21 double-ended boilers now online.

#captain I have thanked the La Touraine and informed them of our fine weather. No need to be concerned at this moment.

#officer The Paris has also spotted another ice-field and two potential icebergs on course and asked for our position.

#officer Received a wireless message from La Touraine warning us of a thick ice-field, shouldn’t be a problem according to the captain.

#passenger The crew have been incredibly attentive throughout the trip, I feel truly blessed to be part of this historic voyage.

#firstclass I can honestly say I haven’t noticed any discernible problems. Titanic is a marvel of modern engineering.

#captain Currently proceeding without incident on the Great Circle route, running at 72-3rpm on her reciprocating engines.

#officer The first full day’s run has been posted at 484 miles which works out at an average speed of 20.98 knots. Quite an achievement.

#passenger There is definitely more of a chill in the air today, but that is to be expected given the cooler waters we are approaching.

#firstclass First things first, breakfast at the Café Parisien!

#firstclass Woken up to yet another marvellous morning. The weather truly has been kind to us thus far.

#captain Ship now running at 72rpm on the reciprocating engines, now making 21.2 knots through the water.

#officer Order given to light an additional boiler in room No.2, I hope to break 21 knots.

#engineering Hot and gruelling work down here, hopefully we will be able to light another boiler soon and test her true speed.

#crew Clocks have once again been set back on the bridge, now to 3.30a.m. My watch has been extended by 30 minutes.

#officer Night watch now in place – nothing to report. A good chance to reflect on a momentous day.

#officer Clocks keeping bridge time now set back to 11.3p.m. This has extended the third watch by 29 minutes.

#thirdclass Even this far below deck the living quarters are still marvellous – I hope to be enjoying a drink through to the early hours!

#crew All quiet now as people begin to settle down for the night, I can’t speak for the lower decks though…

#captain Time to retire after an enjoyable meal among our more discerning passengers. Many things to do tomorrow however.

#thirdclass I don’t expect we are having quite as refined a meal as first class, but it suits our needs down to the ground!

#firstclass We are being treated to a truly marvellous meal with excellent company. I hope all our meals are this enjoyable.

#engineering Proving to be very hot and dirty work though – I look forward to being relieved by the next shift.

#engineering Incredibly pleased with her operation and everyone down here is doing a sterling job.

#firstclass Dressed in our finest evening wear we are making our way to the dining hall. We expect a spectacular menu.

#passenger Standing at the front of the ship all I can see ahead is a horizon of water. I look forward to seeing New York.

#captain Course altered about 3 miles off the Old Head of Kinsale, now headed true for Fastnet Light. No issues thus far.

#firstclass It feels as if we are floating over the water. Such a smooth sailing vessel – we truly are blessed to be part of this voyage.

#officer 20.7 knots through the water – she is cutting through the waves like a knife!

#engineering She has worked up to 70rpm on reciprocating engines with 20 out of 24 double-ended boilers connected up.

#officer The captain has given the order and we are underway. We can be thankful we have Captain Smith leading us.

#captain All Ahead Full! Let’s see what she is capable of.

#crew Just dropping off the pilot at Daunt’s Rock, then the journey across the Atlantic begins. So much anticipation…

#engineering Daunt’s Rock in another 2 miles and then we undertake her maiden transatlantic crossing. Can’t wait to see what she can do!

#officer Looking at the passengers walking the deck fills me with pride. They are clearly as enthralled as the rest of us.

#officer The captain has ordered to turn a quarter circle and to head for Daunt’s Rock light vessel to drop off the pilot.

#crew Passengers and mail all on board, we will soon start our preparations before we set off on the final leg…

11 AprTitanicVoyageTitanicVoyage ‏ @TitanicRealTime #officer Another seemingly smooth transition as we pick up our final passengers. The look of wonderment is plain to see.

#captain More thanks to the WSL steam tenders Ireland and America – we should weigh our starboard anchor in around 2 hours.

#Queenstown Here she is entering the harbour! You can see the door on the hull open on the E Deck. http://yfrog.com/2smsbij

#crew Now anchored 2 miles off Roche’s Point outside Queenstown harbour, more passengers and mail being taken on.

#Queenstown There she is! Approaching in the distance! She looks truly magnificent in the morning sunlight.

#thirdclass I think I can make out our final stop in the distance. It won’t be long until we make haste across the North Atlantic!

#firstclass First morning of waking up aboard Titanic. I wonder what I will discover and who I will meet today?

#captain Good news. Conditions have been kind to us overnight, we will make Queenstown harbour on schedule.

#officer Project arrival time at Queenstown is 11:30 – the captain will be pleased to hear we are making good time.

#passenger Barely slept last night. The beds were comfortable but the excitement is just too much!

#officer Night watch shift changeovers have been running like clockwork. Nice to see such a dedicated crew.

#crew Everything is clear and no problems to report – let’s hope every night is as incident free as this one.

#officer The clocks have been set back 25 minutes from GMT to Dublin Mean Time, hopefully we haven’t missed any out.

#officer The captain has retired to his quarters. He has left the ship in the capable hands of the night watch.

#thirdclass No rest for any of us tonight! Time to celebrate Titanic’s maiden voyage!

#firstclass Today has been enthralling but exhausting. Time to rest and make use of our luxurious quarters.

#engineering Still tempering the engines but we’ll soon be able to put her to the test. The vast open stretches of the Atlantic are to come.

#captain I look forward to getting this final stop out of the way so we can begin the real journey.

#firstclass The new arrivals from Cherbourg are clearly as overwhelmed as us with Titanic’s size.

#crew Only one more stop then we set across the Atlantic for New York. I wonder who will be waiting to greet us there.

#firstclass Titanic is not unlike four separate towns in one, with the fourth attending entirely to the needs of the other three.

#captain Thanks to the help of the WSL steam tenders Nomadic and Traffic we have departed for our overnight trip to Queenstown on time.

#crew Boarding is going quicker than expected, although we are getting some very useful help to get us back on time.

#crew The passengers are understandably keen to board, Titanic’s magnificence is plain for all to see.

#officer A 66-nautical-mile trip at about 20.2 knots – a very pleasing start.

#crew Due to the near mishap as we left we have arrived in Cherbourg an hour later than planned – just before sunset.

#passenger Looking down at those waiting to board you can feel their anticipation build!

#Cherbourg Look at her approach, she is a sight to behold. I cannot wait to board!

#captain Cherbourg now in sight, we will attempt to make a quick turnaround to make up for time lost.

#officer We will soon be arriving in Cherbourg. Hopefully we will be able to board the remaining passengers and leave before sunset.

#passenger Enjoying a drink with friends on deck. The weather is being kind to us on this first leg, I hope our luck continues.

#firstclass A spot of tea is called for. The only problem is deciding where to have it, there are so many choices!

#thirdclass A good chance to get to know those who we are sharing our quarters with – they seem a nice crowd.

#thirdclass I’ve been advised not to venture outside of the areas designated to our class, under no circumstances am I to go to first.

#officer The captain seems pleased and undeterred after the incident with New York. We plough on regardless – 3 hours to Cherbourg.

#photographer Here’s a picture of the radio room I was permitted to take shortly after we set sail earlier http://yfrog.com/04s8mgj

#captain No issues to report thus far, she is running smoothly and as expected. A good job all round.

#firstclass Such a privilege to be on her maiden voyage, I feel it will be a memorable experience

#thirdclass A good opportunity to explore our surroundings before we take on more passengers in Cherbourg.

#officer Looks as if we will miss the 17:30 arrival time in Cherbourg now, but no harm done. We will have to ensure a quick turnaround.

#passenger I hope that isn’t an omen of things to come, a near collision before we even hit open sea!

#captain Good God that was a close call. I think it was the steamship New York nearly colliding with us. This will cause delays…

#officer The steamer New York is taking a strange course but I am sure she will adjust as we make our way out of dock.

#firstclass There is so much to take in, the magnificent clock, the woodwork surrounding the staircase. No expense has been spared!

#passenger The sea of people is just immense. I wonder how many will welcome us to New York?

#reporter Watching Titanic depart Ocean Dock berth 44 is truly a sight to behold, a magnificent moment for British shipbuilding.

#captain All checks have been completed and we are ready to go. Next stop – Cherbourg.

#photographer The last of the mooring lines are being released! http://yfrog.com/mjj1grj

#firstclass The doors have been sealed and all the crew appear to be at their stations – it can’t be long now.

#officer Final checks are being made. I will report to the captain when complete and give the all clear to leave port.

#crew Readying ourselves for launch in 30 minutes, the excitement of the rest of the crew and the passengers is contagious…

#passenger Everything is in such pristine condition, I cannot wait to explore and find out what wonders she is hiding.

10 AprTitanicVoyageTitanicVoyage ‏ @TitanicRealTime #thirdclass Just been told that as soon as first class are aboard the signal for friends and family to go ashore is going to sound.

#reporter News through that J.P. Morgan has cancelled his place on the ship and decided not to sail.

#officer The last few are boarding now and the launch is getting ever closer. The noise from all this excitement is deafening!

#firstclass Almost faint at the idea of being presented by name to the captain as soon as we are on board!

#firstclass Escorted aboard by a company representative, greeted at the head of the gangway by an officer in full dress.

#captain Boarding seems to be going smoothly. I have checked with engineering who are ready for the order to depart.

#thirdclass Once on board we were directed to our quarters very rapidly, our tickets are numbered.

#thirdclass Even this far down in the ship we are still well treated, the rooms have everything we could need.

#secondclass Just embarked with an hour to go into an enclosed deck; a steward guided us to our room

#firstclass Our quarters are truly stunning. New York will have a hard task to beat this level of luxury.

#Southampton I have never been so envious! Standing here watching all those people enter the ship. I wager she is magnificent inside!

#passenger Just look at all these people in the docks, all here to see our departure. I think I can see Mother but it’s hard to tell!

#crew Trying to get the passengers to move quickly is proving a challenge. Can’t blame them though, so much to take in.

#captain Boat drill complete with military precision, and for the first time at that. Merely a formality given the ship’s integrity.

#firstclass Masses of excitement as we begin to board Titanic, I have never seen engineering this magnificent.

#thirdclass We’ve been told we must board the ship hours before launch, apparently it is because there are so many of us.

#crew Just completed our first and only boat drill for the inspection, two boats were manned and lowered on the starboard side.

#crew Mustered on the Boat Deck this morning for a Board of Trade inspection. I hope they were impressed with our efficiency.

#officer The Grand Staircase clock has arrived, and it is truly magnificent. Its ornate design will add such an elegance to the hall.

#captain Today marks Good Friday, and the first time Titanic’s flags fly from the mast and rigging. I feel a true sense of pride in her.

#officer Only a day away from launch and the Grand Staircase clock still isn’t here. The mirror filling the gap might have to suffice…

#engineering An astonishing 5,892 tons of coal has been loaded on board – it’s going to be needed for these powerful engines.

#reporter Most valuable item stowed aboard is the Persian tome Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, bejewelled with 1,500 gemstones.

#reporter Amongst the cargo are golf balls, Renault motor cars, and the only copy in existence of director Max Reinhardt’s the Mirical

#crew A large platform has been constructed on the harbour for officially invited guests to witness the launch. It will be well worthwhile.

#reporter Twenty couples are reported to be choosing the crossing to celebrate their marriage on the ship of dreams.

#engineering We should be able to make good speed. The indicated horse power of the reciprocating engines is 30,000 IHP.

#engineering She really is an immense vessel. A gross tonnage of over 46,000 tonnes!

#firstclass All the newspapers and magazines are raving about the luxurious nature of our special stateroom. I can’t wait!

#Reporter– Cranes are loading her with cargo, all 11,524 items weighing 559 tonnes, valued collectively at around £84,000.

#engineering Many have called her a ‘two compartment vessel’. She will stay afloat with any two adjacent compartments open to the sea.

#engineering All these watertight bulkheads are labelled A through H and J through O. Why miss out I?

#engineering Titanic has a cellular double bottom and is divided into 16 watertight compartments. Nothing will break through this.

#photographer You can find advertisements for Titanic everywhere- this is one I found with some soap http://twitpic.com/95x9i6

#engineering We are confident we have the most comprehensive watertight subdivision ever built.

#crew Now we begin the long process of loading provisions – 40 tonnes of potatoes, 75,000lb of meat, endless cutlery and much more.

#captain Still a lot of interior fitting to be done. The B-Deck suites, a la carte restaurant and the Café Parisien all need improvements.

#captain Been issued our Passenger Certificate for a foreign-going steam ship today. We need to ensure all these guidelines are adhered to.

#Southampton Amazing to see Titanic in port. A lot of people have gone down to see her arrival.

#crew We have arrived safely in Southampton and everyone is delighted with the success of the journey – the ship truly is magnificent.

#crew Today the Pilot Jack is flying majestically at the jackstaff and the Blue Ensign is at the foremast!

#crew Many decks to be cleared and checked before launch, lots of work to do before the captain is happy.

#crew Glad to hear that the Board signed off. Now we can focus on fitting her out with all the finest luxuries.

#officer Good news, the Board of Certification has signed off on her seaworthiness. There was never any doubt!

#crew Returned to Belfast after what has seemed like a successful day of sea trials. I hope the Board signs off on her worthiness…

#captain Conditions were absolutely ideal – 23 and a quarter knots! I have congratulated all those in engineering.

#engineering A well done all round for engineering – a speed of 23 and a quarter knots achieved for a short period. The captain is pleased.

#photographer I snapped this as she left Belfast on her trials. I’m already itching to rejoin her at Southampton! http://twitpic.com/94lvk5

#crew We have just been given the orders – sea trials to commence immediately. Next stop – Southampton.

#engineering A nervous but exciting morning for us. In 30 minutes the ship will leave dock for sea trials – let’s hope for a clear day

#engineer Refrigeration units are of the C02 type utilising the gas in its compressed form. Hopefully the poultry should keep!

#engineer Titanic has two ice-making machines located on G Deck. We want the passengers to have every luxury whilst they drink and dine.

#crew Sea trials tomorrow but most of the interior isn’t even complete yet! Let’s hope the boys in Southampton work fast!

#captain Sea trials scheduled tomorrow. We must ensure that all her systems worked as they are supposed to.

#reporter Sea trials in two days for Titanic, will she live up to all expectations?

#firstclass I hope there is plenty of space up on the promenade deck, my friends and I do like a good game of shuffleboard.

#reporter Excitement and anticipation is building in Belfast. Titanic towers over all in the dock.

#captain It only seems like yesterday that she was under construction in the dry dock…

#firstclass I have been telling all my friends about it, they are so jealous! In a little over 10 days we will be on board Titanic!

#crew The same can be said for the cabinet-makers, the scale of their operation is enormous!

#crew The upholsterers’ shop have done a fine job, it takes considerable skill to roll out so much exquisite furniture

#officer Still so much to do and not much time to do it. A lot of excitement surrounding the next week.

#officer The Grand Staircase is a magnificent example of woodwork and crafting.

#crew A new master was signed on today, Captain Herbert James Haddock.

#officer The lamps are essential to allow us to signal other vessels at night; you never know when we might need assistance.

#officer Just checking we have all our Morse Signal Lamps, we need to ensure we meet all Board of Trade requirements.

#crew Accessible directly from the forward first class staircase, use of the baths will incur a cost – $1 from the Enquiry Office.

#crew I am sure the first class passengers will enjoy the Turkish baths, a marvellous achievement to even have them on the ship!

#officer Titanic’s first class dining saloon can seat 554 people at a time. We will ensure 1 server is assigned to every 3 people.

#officer Stuart of Stourbridge has also done a marvellous job on the glassware – some of the finest I have ever seen

#officer The first class service at dinner will use only the finest bone china, some with edge designs in 22-carat gold!

#officer The embroideries and richly carved cornices also make for pleasant surroundings. I am sure the band will do it justice

#officer The a la carte restaurant is the epitome of refinement. The settees and chairs are upholstered in the finest silk.

#firstclass I hope the ‘millionaire’s’ suite is worth it – £870 for the single crossing so I expect only the best

#crew These suites are a home from home in of itself. A private bathroom, wardrobe room, sitting room, two bedrooms and a private promenade!

#crew The two ‘millionaires’ suites are nearly complete – a very similar size to those that were on Olympic’s B Deck.

#crew We really do have fantastic tableware thanks to Goldsmiths & Silversmiths. Over 21,000 pieces of cutlery, napkin rings and small wares

#firstclass I simply cannot wait to try the food, all the reports suggests it will be delicious. I hope I am not disappointed.

#crew The kitchen is fitted out with so much equipment, from hot plates and bain-maries to pressure filters and coffee boilers!

#officer Good to see the first 2 compasses in place, 1 in the wheelhouse and 1 on the navigation bridge.

#officer The painters have done a fantastic job in and out of the ship; a lot of surface area to be repainted at some point!

#firstclass With my ticket came a booklet detailing the voyage, the facilities and various diversions on board, I feel very well informed.

#photographer I’ve just had a look at the first-class suites. Truly those passengers will travel in comfort! http://twitpic.com/8zpgl2

#crew Where did I put those 12 distress signal rockets? We need those to adhere to Board of Trade guidelines…

#crew At 160ft in length and 92ft wide, the galley will have ample room to serve our passengers. They will recieve only the finest food.

#crew The galley and pantries on D-Deck are perfectly situated between the first and second class dining saloons.

#engineering Titanic is fitted with numerous watertight doors – very similar to those of the Adriatic.

#officer The passengers are going to love the Boat Deck. Plenty of space open for promenading and leisure.

#engineering All the heating equipment has finally been fitted, a selection of Bastia heaters, dowsing heaters and fireplaces.

#captain Here’s a cherished photo of me and my favourite sailing companion. http://twitpic.com/8yyygo

#captain Today marks the originally scheduled launch date of the ship – sea trials still to go but confident of launch on the 10th of April.

#crew The first of a 3-day inspection by the British Board of Trade. Everyone is confident Titanic will be cleared to sail on schedule.

#captain I welcomed all our newly signed junior officers aboard Titanic this morning – what an opportunity for them all.

#captain Titanic is getting a lot of media attention, we must ensure that she is seen in the best possible light.

#firstclass I hope we have sufficient heating in our quarters, it is sure to be cold as we travel across the icy Atlantic waters.

#crew Generally speaking, we do have a good number of lifebelts. In warmer waters, they will serve their purpose.

#crew Jumping into those waters even in a lifebelt will still result in death. Still, it won’t happen…

#crew I just feel that given the icy waters we’ll be sailing in, lifebelts are somewhat redundant!

#officer I understand some of the crew are worried about lifebelts. No need, they will float for 24hrs with 15lb of iron suspended from them

#crew I can attest to the safety and suitability of the lifeboats. The lifebelts however…

#crew In the case of emergency Titanic keeps suitable lifeboats. I’ve tried out the 25ft emergency cutter myself

#crew We keep a large quantity of green pyrotechnic lights for use as company signals on board, should the need arise.

#engineering So many UK companies have been involved in Titanic’s construction. The White Star Line really has done the country justice!

#engineering The docking bridge compass is fitted with a lighted card. It was installed by the firm C.J Smith of Southampton.

#engineering Titanic is fitted with four main compasses. They’re lighted with electric and oil lamps.

#crew Looking over E-Deck. This is where second-class passengers shall disembark when we arrive in New York.

#engineering You should have seen how the anchor was transported. It’s so big it took TWENTY shire horses to pull it.

#photographer Here’s a picture of Titanic’s anchor that I took outside the Lloyd’s Proving House last year.http://twitpic.com/8x1ei3

#engineering Interestingly, this huge anchor has the name of the Hingley Company printed on the shank and not the White Star Line.

#engineering The anchors of these vessels are a sight to behold. When Olympic was launched, she had the largest in the world!

#engineering Of course it will only be operational when moving forward and when the reciprocating engines are running over 50rpm.

#engineering The turbine engine will be a powerful beast; it should develop 16,000 shaft horsepower when running at 165rpm.

#crew Located on the navigating bridge and the docking bridge are a series of telegraphs for passenger use.

#captain Sea trials commence in just 18 days, that day simply cannot come soon enough

#engineering The famous Lord Kelvin developed a binnacle that compensated for the magnetism of the hull and the superstructure of the ship.

#engineering The North Pole can be a nuisance for navigators. It can attract the north point of the compass away from true north.

#photographer Just taken a picture of the public walking the deck, I am sure they will want some lasting memories http://twitpic.com/8w6fiz

#engineering The compasses on board Titanic will be subjected to error, variation and deviation from the magnetic North Pole.

#crew The extent of Titanic’s rigging is staggering, lots more still to be done before launch

#crew All flags packed and organised for display. The White Star Line flags, Blue Ensigns, Pilot Jacks and Royal Mail Pennants.

#engineering Just checked the ventilation systems. They consist of overhead supply trunks with branches going into various blocks of rooms.

#crew The capacity of the lifeboats is somewhat of a concern, only 1,178. If anything were to happen there won’t be enough space…

#crew Next on the list is the lifeboats, 20 overall. 14 of them are the 30-footers, which should carry 65 people.

#crew Just checking all 48 solid white lifebuoys; these are to be placed at various locations about the weather deck.

#officer With 2 rowing machines, weightlifting machine, back massager and a punch ball, the gymnasium is very well equipped.

#officer What a marvellous gymnasium we have on board, hopefully someone will make use of it but it seems like more of a gimmick…

#crew A Deck also has the perfect areas for our more refined passenger to relax, the staterooms facing forward and the public rooms.

#crew I can’t believe the length of A Deck, the Promenade Deck – 546ft from one end to the other. Incredible.

#officer It is only now we begin to understand Titanic’s true scope – 882ft long and 92ft wide!

#engineering Compared to the last century where things got a bit stagnated, shipbuilding nowadays is an industry in constant change.

#engineering In her construction, Titanic really has benefited from the experience we gained from working on Olympic.

#captain Exactly a month now before Titanic’s journey begins, I cannot wait to see her completed and on the ocean!