Do You Reddit?

Following a twitter conversation with some lovely ladies last week, I’ve been dabbling with Reddit.

It seems to me to be a similar(ish) concept to Stumble Upon in that people can upload links to site that they enjoy, find interesting, shocking etc and other people can then quickly view them. On Reddit you can opt for a random selection (like on Stumble Upon) or you can view things via categories.

Now I have to confess to not being a user of Reddit in the sense that I don’t ever go on their to view things, but, it was being suggested that it could be a good place to re-air blog posts and reach a new audience. I’m all for that so I gave it a go.

It’s easy to do – if you scroll to the bottom of this post, for example, you will see a selection of ‘sharing buttons’ one of which is Reddit. You simply hit the up arrow and it takes you to Reddit where you can log in if you have an account or register if you don’t. You then select a sub-reddit (category) and off it goes.

Simple huh.

I did this with an old post and it had 50 new hits within an hour. Not bad…

Another post, the following day, got zero hits. Hmm…

A third post, the day after, got over 200 hits!

So, all in all a bit hit’n’miss but well worth a try as it is very simple to set up and upload.

Well. It starts off being simple but you soon find that Reddit tells you ‘you’ve done that too often’ or ‘short links are smelly’ or ‘try again in 8 minutes’ – it is a little temperamental on when it will and won’t let you upload a post!

I thought I’d solved the problem but as you can see, I’m back to being told to wait 😉

It gives you it’s words of wisdom at the bottom…. I haven’t submitted any posts for 3 or 4 days so I’m not sure why I’m getting the ‘please try again in an hour’ message?! I’ll leave it for today and try again tomorrow!

Do you Reddit? If so, how do you get around its little temper tantrums? If not, why not click the little up arrow and see for yourself what it’s all about 🙂